Techonomy NYC May 14-15, 2019

Program Overview

Techonomy NYC 2019: Collaborating for Responsible Growth
May 14 – 15 | Midtown Manhattan

Every company is a tech company. Finally, that’s understood. But since the world is in sad shape, tech can’t just be a way to make more money. How are we making the world better? To figure it all out, we have to collaborate more. All this we discuss at Techonomy NYC.

You’ll meet a Facebook policy refugee, tech deep thinker Doug Rushkoff, Wired editor Nick Thompson, and ACLU digital leader Pinky Weitzman. On stage will be top leaders of New York business, including veteran tech investors, big company execs turning towards the future, as well as startup founders in finance, fashion, security, and retail. We’ll also feature experts on AI, blockchain, digital healthcare, 5G, and other key technologies altering business and our world.

No other conference so resolutely focuses on how tech can be leveraged to make the world better. That’s our unique position, and it’s why we put so much emphasis on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We believe business and tech can be key to bringing the entire world together, and that leaders who get that will be the ones who best succeed.

Featured Speakers Include: