18 Conference Report #techonomy2018

A New Approach to Industrialism


  • David Millstone and David Winter of Standard Industries at Techonomy 2018, Monday, November 12, 2018. (Photography by Paul Sakuma Photography)


David Millstone
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Standard Industries

David Winter
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Standard Industries


David Kirkpatrick
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

Description: Standard Industries owns and operates, among other things, the world’s largest roofing and waterproofing business – that includes GAF in North America and BMI Group in Europe, Asia and Africa. David Millstone and David Winter, co-CEOs, have reoriented these building materials leaders. Now they’re joined by our David to discuss how industrialism can become more modern and conscientious. What is Standard doing that others can learn from?

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