15 Conference Report #techonomy15


Program Overview

TE15: Re-Humanizing Society

Technology as scapegoat has driven fears since at least the industrial revolution. That is as true as ever today, with fears of privacy intrusion, our devices inducing inattention, withdrawal from human contact into screens, job-killing robots, and innumerable business models being destroyed. We believe tech holds enormous promise for society’s advancement. But to advocate for tech means also to take responsibility for the maintenance of values–how can we remain, or become, a people-centered world of amity and brotherhood as tech transforms everything around us? Yes, we see the risk of people dehumanized, reduced to numbers, becoming interchangeable cogs on an ever-more-efficient assembly line of production and output. But we think more likely, if we work for it, is that we are on the cusp of an era of tech-enabled empowerment, connection, triumph and imagination, a time when tech asserts itself as a truly re-humanizing force.

A key challenge today: With so many creative entrepreneurs and every company trying to become a tech company, how can we insure the resulting innovation benefits people rather than just helping businesses find new ways to make money?

Our conference program integrates a number of different formats, allowing for engaging dialogue and discussion throughout

Confirmed speakers include:

Christina Agapakis, Ginko Bioworks Pradeep Khosla, UC San Diego
Marco Annunziata, GE Erica Kochi, UNICEF Innovation
James Barrese, PayPal Randy Komisar, Kleiner Perkins
Sean Belka, Fidelity Investments Jaron Lanier, Visual Artist & Futurist
Marc Benioff, Salesforce Andy Lowery, DAQRI
Sir Colin Blakemore, University of London James Manyika, McKinsey & Company
Ronald Brachman, Yahoo Labs Laura Mather, Unitive
Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion Kim Metcalf-Kupres, Johnson Controls
Vern Brownell, D-Wave Systems Vivienne Ming, Socos
Geraldine Calpin, Hilton Worldwide Martin Morgan, Daily Mail
John Chambers, Cisco Sean Parker, EIG & Brigade
John Chen, BlackBerry Arati Prabhakar, DARPA
Nicole Eagan, Darktrace Penny Pritzker, U.S. Dept of Commerce
Victoria Espinel, BSA | The Software Alliance Beth Rattner, Biomimicry Institute
Margo Georgiadis, Google Terrence Sejnowski, Salk Institute
Brian Gerkey, Open Source Robotics Fdn Mike Sutcliff, Accenture Digital
Deborah Gordon, Stanford University Rajat Taneja, Visa
Caleb Harper, MIT Media Lab Bernard J. Tyson, Kaiser Permanente
George John, Rocket Fuel Sarah Vieweg, Qatar Computing Res. Inst.
Steve Jurvetson, DFJ Ken Washington, Ford


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