14 Conference Report #techonomy14

Techonomy Nov. 9-11, 2014

Program Overview

This year Techonomy moves to the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, November 9-11, on the cliffs south of San Francisco, near Silicon Valley.

We’ll explore how technology transforms and accelerates progress for both business and society. Techonomy isn’t a tech conference; we’re interested in how technology transforms everything else. The world is facing myriad and urgent challenges, and we aim to help people better understand how tech can address them.

Our program focuses a lot on business, because so much of society’s transformative energy is concentrated there. Businesses must aggressively and consciously harness the power of tech, while simultaneously partnering with governments, civil society, and increasingly, empowered citizens. As the tools of progress shift, individuals and institutions must rethink how they adapt and contribute.

Our speakers will include:

Autodesk’s Carl Bass Digital-privacy-critic Jaron Lanier
Intel’s Genevieve Bell ResearchGate’s Ijad Madisch
Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Coca-Cola’s Guy Wollaert
MIT’s Ed Boyden Former Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani
Stripe’s Patrick Collison The FCC’s Jessica Rosenworcel
Intuit’s Scott Cook Thiel Capital’s Peter Thiel
Stanford’s Drew Endy Shapeways’ Marleen Vogelaar
Pfizer’s Geno Germano LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner
Citi’s Deborah Hopkins LinkedIn and Greylock Partners’ Reid Hoffman

To download the program agenda, click here.

To download a list of the participants, click here.