Policy June 9, 2015

Program Overview

Techonomy Policy, at the Confluence of Governance and Tech
Power in the Age of Data Exhaust

Techonomy Policy aims to bring a higher level of dialogue to the confluence of technology innovation and government. The need for the tech industry and Washington to better understand, engage and productively work together is crucial to the future of economic progress and social cohesion in our tech-enhanced, digitally-enabled times. As tech’s advances spread into virtually every sector of business and society, how do government and policy keep up and respond? And as tech companies aggressively move into diverse industries and more and more areas become tech-infused, how does business better work with policymakers?

Techonomy Policy brings together legislators, regulators, policy-makers and others in government with entrepreneurs, technologists, business leaders and policy experts. The aim is to conduct a uniquely big-picture conversation about forces altering the fundamental relationship between business and government, and to help develop ways to deliberately smooth economic growth, boost social progress and reinforce democracy.

Our program will examine specific areas where policy and tech developments intersect, as well as broader trends that underlie the fast-changing landscape of technology innovation. Leaders from government will appear with senior technology executives. Interviews and panels, interspersed by to-the-point briefings, will enable attendees to develop a better sense of where to go next.


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