Policy June 9, 2015

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    • Startup Showcase

      The Techonomy Policy Startup Showcase is a sampling of four transformative companies developed by the next generation of entrepreneurs. Find out from these startups what they find most challenging in this Techonomic world and how they are working with Policy makers to realize their goals.

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      David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
    • 8:45 - 9:20am

      Keeping America Innovative in the Age of Data Exhaust

      The federal government’s role in spawning the Internet age is unquestioned, but that role is much different today, as government steps back and the pace of business innovation accelerates. Can leaders of tech, business and government collectively work together to insure that conditions for invention and innovation remain strong?

      Video & Transcript

      Steve Case, Revolution & America Online
      Vinton G. Cerf, Google
      R. David Edelman, National Economic Council | The White House
      Moderator: David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
    • 9:20 - 9:50am

      The Worrisome Future of the Internet

      Today’s Internet is in jeopardy as a global system. Post-Snowden, governments increasingly diverge on what kind of Internet ought to operate in their country. This is alarming to those who believe that how the unitary Net works has led to stunning economic progress and business transformation for everyone.

      Video & Transcript

      Fadi Chehadé, Chehade
      Steve DelBianco, NetChoice
      Miriam Sapiro, Summit Strategies International & The Brookings Institution
      Moderator: Gordon Goldstein, Silver Lake
    • 9:50 - 10:05am

      Briefing: "On-Demand" Workers May Demand New Policy

      Synergies and efficiencies abound in what’s known as the “sharing” or “on-demand” economy. But without trust and a social safety net, it can collapse. This transition in consumption and digital labor leads some to foresee a new world of empowered entrepreneurs, but to others portends an economy of exploitation. Either way, it poses new challenges of regulation, taxation, governance, investing and wealth distribution. What policies should apply to these collaborative economies?

      Video & Transcript

      Arun Sundararajan, NYU Stern School of Business & NYU CUSP
    • 10:05 - 10:15am

      Briefing: The Social Media Dilemma for Regulated Industries

      Social media, particularly as it relates to the financial sector, poses challenges for business and policy-makers alike. “New” policy challenges in other tech areas are remarkably familiar to those already addressed in the social media space. What have they already discovered that can trim the learning curve for others that follow behind?

      Video & Transcript

      Kitty Parry, The Social Media Charter Association and Social Media Compliance
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      Hosted by Bloomberg Government
    • 10:35 - 11:25am

      Concurrent Sessions

    • 10:35 - 11:25am

      The Problem with Success: Global Pushback Against American Tech

      American tech companies are deeply affected by the global government rethinking of what the Net means. Not only are they carriers of values many governments dislike, but a local tech industry is increasingly seen as a virtue. Some see the free flow of information at risk. But so is an astonishing history of global business success. How should the tech sector and U.S. government respond?

      Erich Andersen, Microsoft
      Andrea Glorioso, Delegation of the European Union to the USA
      Yael Weinman, Information Technology Industry Council
      Moderator: Robert Boorstin, Albright Stonebridge Group
    • 10:35 - 11:15am

      How Tech Is Making Government Work Better

      Federal, state and local policy-makers are exploring options to integrate tech-enabled advances into government’s own service portfolios. Who’s moving fastest to provide better services? Where are some early gains? Where can digital government go next?

      Damon Davis, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
      Peter L. Levin, Amida Technology Solutions & U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs
      Raphael Majma, 18F - GSA
      Moderator: Aamer Baig, McKinsey & Company
    • 11:25 - 11:35am

      Briefing: How the Blockchain Could Change Everything

      This distributed and decentralized recordkeeping system underlies Bitcoin, but many advocates and developers see way bigger opportunities. What is the blockchain and how does it work?

      Video & Transcript

      Jerry Brito, Coin Center
    • 11:35 - 11:45am

      The 20th Century’s War on the 21st

      When nobody watches the watchers, or even knows what they’re watching, how can democracy thrive? We all need to start a smarter, more open conversation.

      Video & Transcript

      Andrew Rasiej, Personal Democracy Media & Civic Hall
    • 11:45 - 11:55am

      Briefing: How the Internet of Things Will Connect Shoes, Cars, Doctors and Power Plants

      Computation and communication is moving from our computers and the cloud into all the things that surround us. The so-called Internet of Things is expanding into our bodies, homes and cars, and infusing the infrastructure of our cities. Where are the limits and what are the opportunities of the IoT?

      Video & Transcript

      Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings
    • 11:55am - 12:30pm

      FCC (R&D) on Spectrum and the Policy Future for Ubiquitous Tech

      If mobile is the Internet, then how we allocate and manage precious resource of spectrum is critical. We’ve got plenty of challenges as we move towards the Internet of Things, augmented reality headsets, smart watches, and disparate connected systems. As other countries push quickly toward high-bandwidth connectivity, what should America’s priorities should be?

      Video & Transcript

      Michael O'Rielly, Federal Communications Commission
      Jessica Rosenworcel, Federal Communications Commission
      Moderator: Craig Mundie, Mundie & Associates
    • 12:30 - 12:40pm

      The Digital Revolution and America’s Economic Future

      As the U.S. goes through the biggest economic transformation in a hundred years, millions of Americans are losing faith in the American dream. How did we get to this moment? What are its unique opportunities? Can Americans thrive again? We must rethink how people learn and train for the jobs of the future, and create paths to expand business opportunities. We need a bold vision for a new way forward. Now is America’s Moment.

      Video & Transcript

      Philip Zelikow, Markle Foundation & University of Virginia
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      Techonomy Lunch Labs

      Working sessions for a deeper dive
    • Governing in the Age of the Internet of Things

      If more and more “things” are interconnected, intelligent and self-aware, what does that mean for government? If we can track the speed of any vehicle, should we? What would be the public reaction? This is not an abstract example. It’s possible today. As new efficiencies emerge everywhere from our bathrooms to our power plants, who controls this world? What regulations and policies will we need?

      Victoria A. Espinel, BSA | The Software Alliance
      Dan Haley, athenahealth
      Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings
      Nuala O’Connor, Center for Democracy & Technology
      Moderator: Michael Chui, McKinsey & Company
    • Why Everybody Cares About the Blockchain

      Enthusiasm about Blockchain-based innovation is among the fastest-growing new developments in technology. How could this radical new technology change the systems of modern society, from banking to art to personal communications? Where is Blockchain innovation headed next? What industries could be affected? What are the risks and opportunities of this “decentralized distributed ledger”?

      Jerry Brito, Coin Center
      Brad Burnham, Union Square Ventures
      Brian Forde, CEO & Co-Founder
      Jinyoung Lee Englund, Fé Ventures & Digital Currency Council
      Moderator: Paul Vigna, The Wall Street Journal
    • Startup Designs for Future Government

      Entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are not just designing companies. They are also creating systems that could remake government and governance. Some focus on improved service to citizens, others on new ways to keep citizens informed or even to bolster democracy itself.

      Ximena Hartsock, Phone2Action
      Tim Hwang, FiscalNote
      Meagan Metzger, Dcode42 & The Elfiia Group
      Carey Anne Nadeau, Open Data Nation
      Moderator: Jennifer Bradley, The Aspen Institute
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      Welcome Back

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      Privacy Collides with Data in a Transparent World

      Many citizens, businesses and governments expect privacy to survive in a virtual world. But with so much data about all of us out there, how it’s actually used may be as important as some abstract notion of “privacy.” The challenge lies in negotiating the complicated divergent interests of many parties.

      Video & Transcript

      Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commission
      Brad Burnham, Union Square Ventures
      Horacio Gutiérrez, Microsoft
      Robert Quinn, AT&T Services
      Moderator: David Callaway, USA TODAY
    • 3:00 - 3:10pm

      Briefing: Why Drones Are Dive-Bombing the FAA

      UAVs, more lightly regulated in most other countries, will soon be all around us, checking crops, inspecting bridges, delivering goods, aiding law enforcement, gathering news. How do we shepherd this coming autonomous flock?

      Video & Transcript

      Lisa Ellman, Hogan Lovells LLP
    • 3:10 - 3:20pm

      Doing Business in DC

      Despite government’s increasing impact on corporate bottom lines, many companies have not yet adapted how they engage policy-makers in Washington. What frameworks should CEOs use to prioritize policy issues and determine where to dedicate advocacy resources? How and when should companies engage with policy-makers and regulators? And, how should companies gauge the impact of their Washington presence?

      Video & Transcript

      Don Baptiste, Bloomberg Government
      Tony Costello, Bloomberg Government
    • 3:20 - 3:45pm

      Europe's Digital Mission

      Can government harness the power of IT to promote innovation, creativity and competition even while also providing tight safeguards for citizens’ digital experience? That’s what the EU aims to do in creating a “digital single market.” Can a mission so broad succeed? How could it affect Europe’s future? And what does it mean for other regions?

      Video & Transcript

      David O'Sullivan, European Union to the United States of America
      Moderator: David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
    • 3:45 - 4:25pm

      Militarization of the Internet: The Expanding Boundaries of Cyberwar

      The Internet, created by the Defense Department through DARPA, has evolved into a global platform for social and economic change. Today, from Stuxnet to Sony, we’ve come full circle as cyber-threats and security concerns threaten individuals, organizations, governments and the infrastructure upon which they rely. What global policies could be agreed upon to curb this growing threat?

      Video & Transcript

      Michael R. Cote, Dell SecureWorks
      Shane Harris, Daily Beast & @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex
      Alan Marcus, World Economic Forum
      Craig Mundie, Mundie & Associates
      Moderator: Cory Bennett, The Hill
    • 4:25 - 4:35pm

      Parting Shots

      Techonomy Policy distilled. What we’ve learned and what it means moving forward. Presented by McKinsey & Company

      Video & Transcript

      Kate Jackson, McKinsey & Company
      Rik Kirkland, McKinsey & Company
    • 4:35 - 5:15pm

      Technology, Innovation and American Progress

      Tech entrepreneur and civic activist Sean Parker joins Senators Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) and Deb Fischer (R-Nebraska) to discuss how a technologizing society can allow us to create jobs, foster new companies and industries and drive the economy forward for all.

      Video & Transcript

      Cory Booker, United States Senate
      Deb Fischer, United States Senate
      Sean Parker, Economic Innovation Group (EIG) & Brigade
      Moderator: David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy
    • 5:15pm

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    • Startup Showcase

      The Techonomy Policy Startup Showcase is a sampling of four transformative companies developed by the next generation of entrepreneurs. Find out from these startups what they find most challenging in this Techonomic world and how they are working with Policy makers to realize their goals.