Techonomy Virtual: Reset + Restore

Program Overview

Five Days on How Tech is Changing Everything
July 13th – 17th

Every afternoon from Monday, July 13 through Friday, July 17, Techonomy curates a multidisciplinary interactive program of thought-provoking speakers and programming about the role tech plays in our lives, our businesses, our economy, and our world. The combination of the Covid-19 crisis and the heightened awareness of racial injustice is unprecedented. This is a historic moment in so many ways, and we will look in-depth at the ongoing transformations in business, technology, social life, ethics, health, and global relations.

Speakers Include:

Key Themes + Topics:

  • New Demands for Responsible and Inclusive Business
  • Digital Transformation as History is Made
  • What Does It Mean to be a Modern Organization?
  • Governance and Tech Policy in a Year of Politics and Activism
  • Healthcare and Tech in the Pandemic Era
  • The New Globalism, and Why We Still Must Achieve the UN SDGs