13 Conference Report #techonomy13

Techonomy November 11-13, 2013

Program Overview

The Revolution Business

A new society is coming into being. People around the world are building it using the rapidly-evolving tools of technology. Productivity is increasing and social progress is accelerating as business deploys the Internet and information technology to change the way we work and live.

Techonomy’s 2013 conference will focus on business – how it is changing and how it must change. Business, both technology’s engine and its proving ground, is revolutionizing the world.

But it’s not easy. How can any business adapt to the flood of data, the mobility of customers, the radical interconnection of the planet, and the increasing efficiency of every process? How will society function, and what will its institutions look like, once these efficiencies become embedded into the processes of modern life?

Leaders must think more like technologists. The health of companies, governments and institutions depends on the degree to which we understand and embrace the changes wrought by tech. Only by its strategic embrace can we steer society towards progress, not peril. Keeping up with the pace of change is a daunting challenge, and revolutions can quickly take wrong turns.

Our program is interactive and multidisciplinary so leaders in each sector can learn from those in others. Our conversation will span from art to infrastructure, from culture to science and from behavior to business, since all are transformed by innovation. Techonomy’s ultimate goal is to help us more rapidly find pathways to a fairer, friendlier, more productive world.

TE13 aims to broaden your knowledge, provoke your emotions, and help make you more effective.

Join us as we explore the revolutionary power of tech.