Lab: IOE May 16, 2013

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      Constructing the Physical Graph

      Your smart phone is a remote control for your life, waiting to be programmed and capable of integrating profound intelligence into the “dumb” objects you use every day. Alex Hawkinson, CEO SmartThings, aims to bring this control to the average, non-technologist consumer, and push the possibilities of connectedness.

      Video & Transcript

      Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings
    • 3:15pm

      Internet + Everything = ?

      As connectivity and intelligence spreads everywhere, a new set of interrelationships emerges between machines, people, processes, and the network. What does that mean for society? The biggest companies are rethinking business in the face of explosive change.

      Video & Transcript

      Rob Chandhok, Qualcomm Internet Services
      Dave Evans, Cisco
      Paul Rogers, GE Global Software
      Vijay Sankaran, Ford
    • 4:00pm

      The Internet of ... the Universe

      Space, nano-satellites and sensors, a view into the potential of ubiquitous access to space.

      Video & Transcript

      Peter Platzer, NanoSatisfi, Inc.
    • 4:10pm

      Your Life Is in the Internet of Everything

      Gordon Bell is one of the great men of technology. Not only has he invented or participated in much of the Net’s evolution, but now, as a top Microsoft researcher, he has passionately embraced the effort to track himself with tech, augment his memory with images, and integrate himself into the network. Joining him is Geoff Hollingworth of Ericsson, a radical thinker and exponent of the significance of the coming world of interconnection.

      Video & Transcript

      Gordon Bell, Microsoft Corporation
      Geoff Hollingworth, Ericsson
    • 4:35pm

      Opportunities in the IoE Economy

      Vast potential awaits entrepreneurs and investors as everything and everyone gets interconnected. Where will we see the most exciting innovation?

      Frank Chen, Andreessen Horowitz
      Kerrie Holley, IBM Research, Scalable Business Services
      Dave Icke, MC10
      Trae Vassallo, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
      Moderator: Jon Bruner, O’Reilly Media, Inc.
    • 5:10pm

      How Facebook Connects You to Everything

      It’s called the Internet of Everything rather than of “things,” because it is increasingly apparent that we are part of this interlaced reality. Whether it’s a Fitbit, video memory augmentation, apps that connect our friends to our whereabouts in our car, or a panoply of other kinds of intersections, Facebook is central. It is the main connection mechanism for people. Facebook’s head of mobile, Cory Ondrejka, explains how the company sees its role.

      Video & Transcript

      Cory Ondrejka, Facebook
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