Detroit Sept. 17, 2013

  • "Turbo Charging Detroit's Techonomy," with (from left) David Kirkpatrick, Jack Dorsey, Scott Moloney, Catherine Kelly, Alex Southern (all photos by Asa Mathat)

  • Opening reception, hosted by GM, on the Detroit Opera House rooftop

  • Speakers gather for a pre-event dinner at Cliff Bell's restaurant in downtown Detroit.

  • David Kirkpatrick kicks off the proceedings.

  • "Everybody's Starting Something," with Jocelyn Benson (l) and Josh Linkner

  • "Education 2.0 for Americans 2.0," with (from left) David Kirkpatrick, Marlin Page, and Tae Yoo

  • "Where Are the Jobs?" with (from left) Susan Lund, Joel D. Tauber, Carol Williams, and Felix Ortiz

  • David Kirkpatrick watches from a packed house.

  • "City Re-Vision: Towards a Techonomic Detroit," with Bruce J. Katz

  • "What Makes a City Great?" with Patrick Finn

  • David Kirkpatrick (l) and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

  • "Keeping the U.S. Competitive in a Hyper-Connected World," with David Kirkpatrick (l) and Nilmini Rubin

  • "City Re-Vision: Towards a Techonomic Detroit," with (from left) Edward Luce, Dan Gilbert, and Bruce J. Katz

  • Ford showcased several of its newest vehicles.

  • The Recharge Lounge, hosted by Michigan Media Solutions

  • Techonomy's Tim Charters and Cisco's Tae Yoo

  • Lunch in the McGregor Memorial Center sculpture garden

  • "The 5 Undeniable Truths of Changing Human Behavior," with Keith Ferrazzi

  • "Business and the Economy in an Internet + Everything World," with Emily Chang

  • "Business and the Economy in an Internet + Everything World," with Michael Mandel

  • "Civic Startups: Engage and Improve," with (from left) Nick Bowden, Zachary Karabell, Stephen Walter, and Jerry Paffendor

  • "The Push for the Prize," with Jean Case

  • "Can the Maker Movement Re-Make America?" with Chad Dickerson

  • "Can the Maker Movement Remake America?" with Marleen Vogelaar (l) and K. Venkatesh Prasad

  • "A New Age of Manufacturing," with Zachary Karabell (l) and Rodney Brooks

  • "Turbo Charging Detroit's Techonomy," with Jack Dorsey

  • Closing Reception, hosted by Quicken Loans

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