Detroit September 12, 2012

Program Overview

Techonomy Detroit, hosted by the Detroit Economic Club, is a one-day multidisciplinary gathering of national and local leaders about reigniting U.S. competitiveness and economic growth, creating jobs, and revitalizing cities in a technologized age. It brings together executives and thought leaders from technology, business, manufacturing, government and design. TE Detroit aims to help sharpen the dialogue about progress, technology, and the economy during a national political campaign in which jobs are on the top of the agenda.

Techonomy sees tech firmly at the core of all economic and social progress. Our goal is to help leaders and citizens better understand the potential of technology-enabled change so we can consciously harness it and accelerate economic growth.

Why Detroit?

Detroit—the birthplace of assembly-line manufacturing and technologized transportation—was an earlier era’s Silicon Valley. Though its influence and scale have diminished, formidable industrial and cultural assets remain. It has a great airport. Its potential represents in many ways a green field for innovation and transformation.

Detroit’s travails symbolize issues faced by many American cities. In an age of inexorably quickening tech-driven change, how can Detroit’s citizens manifest that change in infrastructure, education, jobs, and services?

The Format

Techonomy Detroit begins with a reception Tuesday evening, September 11, followed by an all- day program at Wayne State University’s Community Arts Auditorium September 12. Keynote interviews, short talks and plenary panels will be accompanied by breakout sessions in the beautiful nearby McGregor Center.

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