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Welcome, President Biden. There’s Work to Do.

What we're reading this week: Along with fighting Covid, Biden will need to restrain Big Tech, manage China, and expand internet access. Facebook’s Oversight Board will review the decision to suspend Trump. And QAnon followers fall into crisis.   More

Worth Reading

Dorsey’s Tweetstorm on the Failure to Police Online Discourse…and Other Stories

In a ‘tweetstorm’ Jack Dorsey said the Trump ban reflected ‘a failure’ to police online discourse. And that “over the long term it will be destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of the open internet.” Meanwhile, WIRED says There’s No Excuse to Ignore Warnings of Domestic Terrorism.   More

Artificial Intelligence Inclusion Worth Reading

How Katica Roy Is Using AI to Bring Equality Into the Workplace

To close the gender pay gap, we can’t start by talking about pay. And that’s where Roy’s SaaS platform Pipeline steps in.   More

Business Cities Worth Reading

Billionaires are Transforming American Downtowns

The billionaires believe private enterprise can help revive cities like Detroit, San Antonio and Milwaukee. And so far, their investments are working.   More

Business Worth Reading

Here’s One Simple Solution to Wealth Inequality

A New York University business school professor explains why treating employees well may help reduce inequality—and improve the bottom line.   More