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The Surprising Truth About Young Entrepreneurs – They’re Fewer than Ever

We are bombarded with prominent images of young people starting tech companies, but the facts tell a different story. The proportion of people ages 20 to 34 who started a business in 2013 has dropped to its lowest level in 17 years. There's a crisis in entrepreneurship, and Andrew Yang, who heads Venture for America, explains what his organization is doing about it. VfA hosts its own annual conference in Detroit immediately following Techonomy Detroit, Sept. 15th & 16th.   More

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This Philanthropic Startup Aims to Help Cincinnati Now

People’s Liberty is a philanthropic lab funded by the Haile and Johnson Foundations. Each year, individuals in the Cincinnati area receive grants to work on projects related to civic improvement. Operations Director Jake Hodesh spoke to Techonomy about the nonprofit and its mission.   More

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A Startup’s Inspiration: “Dad Had Us Build Our Own Dollhouses”

Engineer Cristal Glangchai had trouble convincing female college students to take her entrepreneurship classes. They seemed intimidated and unconfident, both about STEM fields and as potential business leaders. She decided to tackle this problem with early education, founding VentureLab in 2013 to teach K-12 students, particularly girls, about technology and innovation. It's now operating in San Antonio and Austin. VentureLab started as girls-only summer camps in San Antonio. After requests from parents and school administrators, VentureLab now holds co-ed camps in addition to girls-only programs—though the majority of students are still girls—and it designs entrepreneurship curricula for teachers during the school year. It now operates in Austin as well as San Antonio.   More

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Tax Policy Eases Life for a Big Easy Solar Startup

In 2009 Julian Thomas co-founded Joule, a New Orleans-based solar energy company that helps home and business owners install solar panels and LED lighting. He spoke to Techonomy about startups in New Orleans, the future of solar energy, and the importance of public policy for its future. His company is hosting a Venture for America fellow.   More

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Azoti Helps Farmers Sell and Consumers Eat Better

Azoti helps buyers connect to local food sources. Based in Columbus, the startup works with small farms to supply discounted fresh produce to employees of schools, civic organizations, and major employers like OhioHealth. Dave Ranallo started the company in 2012. He's an Ohio native who grew up eating fresh fruits and vegetables from his grandparents’ garden.   More

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LeagueSide Matches Sponsors with Community Sports

Sponsorships play a distinct role in professional sports, where the sale of jersey advertising space or stadium naming rights can help fund an elite training and coaching staff and hundred-million dollar businesses. But what about the nonprofessionals? Rising costs for community youth sports, often pose a significant challenge for young athletes. Many families struggle to afford league participation fees, equipment, tournament travel, and other expenses necessary for their children to play on a team. LeagueSide is a Philadelphia startup that hopes to combat the financial costs of youth sports by bringing together community leagues with potential sponsors.   More