We asked leading experts of the telecommunications industry to explain what they think the mobile ecosystem will look like in 2030. Attilio Zani, Executive Director of Telecom Infra Project contributed the following:

The growth of global connectivity has led to extraordinary progress. But nearly half of the world’s population still does not have access to the Internet, and for many of those who do, the quality of their connection doesn’t allow experiences such as reliable ways to communicate with others, remote working, online education, or streaming entertainment. As a result of demand for greater connectivity, the telecoms ecosystem is undergoing a major transformation and the Telecom Infra Project community is at the heart of this change.

In 2030, the mobile ecosystem will be much more diverse, global and driven by collaboration. A significant catalyst for this change will be the transition towards network disaggregation. Each component of the networks of the future will be upgradable with technology developed by a broad range of organizations from around the world who are all collaborating to deliver new, cheaper, and more deeply interoperable solutions. As a result, networks will be completely tailored to the exact needs and demands of the societies that use them, drawn from the best options available.

The telecoms ecosystem’s role as a part of the life support system of economies and societies will grow in prominence. Expanding to all corners of the world due to the better solutions available to operators and governments. This will usher in a new wave of economic opportunities and efficiencies – from minimizing waste and new smart technology, to the automation of industries.

Attilio is the Executive Director of Telecom Infra Project, a global community of companies and organizations working together to accelerate the development and deployment of open, disaggregated, and standards-based technology solutions that deliver the high quality connectivity that the world needs – now and in the decades to come. Prior to this role, he served as Senior Director at GSMA, where he participated in strategic programs. Attilio is a believer in collective action based on shared global goals and making ecosystems work for the benefit of all.

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