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Raskin’s Special Awards for Virtual Events Platforms

Image Credit: Hopin The gold rush is on to move live events and conferences online. New companies that promise to make online events more satisfying than a crowded hotel are sprouting like weeds. But ask 10 event producers which platform they’re using for their online shift and you’ll get 10 different answers. Note: An event is not a Zoom meeting. It’s scheduled, marketed, requires registration, offers various types of content in various...   More

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Are We Addicted to Smartphones? Do You Really Have to Ask?

...ul story. I just want to say cool, great. Balkam: Right. One last comment or question? Anyone’s got a burning—yes! We’ve got a— Raskin: Actually, I just wrote a story— Balkam: Hold on, wait for the—Robin, wait, wait. Raskin: Robin Raskin, and I think I’ve been working in this as long as Stephen. This morning I wrote a story called, “Digital Diet Mania,” which there are a lot of tech products being announced now, in the Verizon/Spark family,...   More

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Till we Meet Again (at Conferences)

...? Because the pandemic has shown us that we are all planning virtual events now. Whether you are a brand, a product, a talent, whatever — you’re going to be dependent on your virtual meeting skills to do good business. Robin Raskin is a longtime organizer of physical events as founder of Living in Digital Times. During the pandemic, she founded the Virtual Events Group (known as VEG) to raise the bar for and share knowledge about virtual...   More

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The World Wide Pause

...It’s the End of the World as We Know It?) but history, literature, and song seem a good antidote to the frenzied corona-news cycles. In the face of Covid19 we are already starting to find ourselves not so busy. We will be forced to take pause, gain some perspective and invent new ways of doing business for 21st century realities. I’m already jones-ing from my business travel addiction but looking forward to a bit of a worldwide pause. Robin...   More

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Are We Ready for a Do-Not-Touch World?

...me degree, universal. As we reign in touch, we reign in exploration, communication, and comfort.  We deprive ourselves of the biological benefits of a hug.  I am worried, even sad, that the effects of these imposed short-term behavioral changes may endure long after the COVID emergency is over. The taboo of touch will become de rigueur in post-COVID life. We are in an active boot camp for the new high-tech, low-touch life.  Robin...   More

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Cleanliness is Next to Techieness at CES 2021

...being easy to retrofit onto most existing machines. What’s missing from this picture? For all its attention to cleanliness, the CE industry is still pretty dirty when it comes to recycling and products meant to last. At next year’s show I’d like to see more products like this fully recyclable PC from Abacus from Pentaform or this garbage sorting machine from Lasso Loop. (Note: Techonomy contributor Raskin is also a consultant to CES. For us in...   More

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Health Tech’s Role in Return to Normalcy

...ike? Expect things like QR codes, green checkmarks on your smartphone, and careful counterfeit precautions. One thing’s for certain, says Vitalari – “paper won’t work.” Reporting from the New York Times and Techonomy’s Robin Raskin seems to concur – digital health passports will be the rage in 2021. As Raskin notes, many, many companies are developing apps and passports – a far cry from the yellow immunization cards parents of school-aged...   More

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I’ll Miss Bill and Melinda

...own change in circumstance. I’m just sad that “marriage is forever” has now received another plunge of the knife.  I’m sorry your life is being scrutinized. That must be exhausting. Being married to Bill, I’m sure had it’s rewards and challenges. Hopefully you take those learnings and apply them to the next act.   Rooting for ya,Robin...   More

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Crypto will Rise from the Pandemic

I like to joke that every time crypto hits a bump in the road, its enthusiasts invent new jargon to breathe life into their often-maligned solution to the future of money. There’s no shortage of specialized terminology–cryptocurrency itself, stablecoins, exchanges, wallets, ICOs, STOs––but in a dozen years of fits and starts, we’re starting to see a more mature industry relying on a more savvy audience to take products to the mainstream. ...   More

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Will Zoom Be Your New Happy Place? For Everything?

Everyone is peddling happiness these days, and for myriad reasons. The first time I ran into the notion of happiness in the workplace was in 2010 when Jenn Lim became the chief happiness evangelist at Zappos. (She now runs a consultancy called DH, named for “delivering happiness.”)  Humbug, I remembered thinking.  Does a company really need a department of happiness? It took me a decade to become a believer.  Last week I...   More

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Desperately Seeking Talent: Technology Association Report Underscores Shortage of Skilled Workers

This week’s Techonomy/CDX/Worth sessions focused on the Health+Wealth of America. So it’s only fitting we look at new research that would paint a rosy picture for tech sector employees, if only educational institutions could fill the pipeline with work-ready students.  The study was conducted by the CTA, where my company Living in Digital Times has been a longtime partner. The jobs are there, but the requisite skills are not. That’s the...   More

Cryptocurrency Finance The Pandemic

PayPal Now Pals With Bitcoin

...es like Microsoft, AT&T, and Wikipedia. Overstock, the e-commerce giant, was among the first retailers to accept Bitcoin payments, in part because of the crypto zeal of its CEO, Patrick Byrne. And other fintechs, notably RobinHood and Square, have been dealing in crypto for years.  But putting up a “Bitcoin accepted here” shingle does not necessarily mean it’s being used for purchases. (I have one friend who bought a high end antique...   More

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Pandemic Fashion and Beauty: Does Reality Still Matter?

We’re almost eight months into the pandemic lifestyle. That’s nearly long enough to complete a pregnancy and it’s certainly been long enough to make the screen our central “door” to the world. As we stare at our screens for a larger portion of each day, the lines between real and digital are getting fuzzier. This week I caught myself asking my hairstylist to give me a cut that looks good on a “Zoom”. When I  went seeking my  Zoom...   More

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The Beauty Industry Bows to the Pandemic Beast

Let me take you back to a different time, a mere 6 months ago, when I could while away the hours at the local Sephora–applying foundations, concealers, and lipsticks. Seems like a quaint, distant memory now. Doubtful we’ll go back to smearing-on products touched by others sometime. Meanwhile, we’re witnessing technology reshaping the beauty industry in its own image, turning it more reliant on screens, AI, AR, and personalization.  Here...   More

Artificial Intelligence Inclusion

Finally, AI for the Masses?

I’m not smart enough to be a developer of artificial intelligence software, but I do know when something momentous is (finally) happening in AI. On July 29th, NYT columnist Farhad Manjoo wrote about a new AI language model that could read and compose text so well that it might even threaten his job as a journalist. Manjoo called  Open AI’s GPT-3 (affectionate terms for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Version 3)  “the most powerful...   More

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Sick Care or Health Care: 10 Post-Covid Expectations for American Healthcare

I’m thrilled Techonomy is starting its Health+Wealth of America initiative and urge you all to take part. I’ve been thinking a lot about digital health in a post COVID world and the role that technology will play. Despite all our advances in science and technology, I’m still befuddled that our response to the COVID pandemic was not that much different than our response to the one we had in 1918. That doesn’t mean we won’t come away from this...   More

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I Joined Parler So You Didn’t Have To

As Facebook and Twitter begin to flag more hate speech and misinformation, new social media hangouts step up to fill the void, for those who don’t like such censorship. They create dangerous social media silos. In 2018, Walt Mossberg, a veteran and highly regarded technology journalist, very publicly  announced he was leaving Facebook. His objections were to Facebook’s lackadaisical (I’m being kind) attitudes surrounding data privacy and...   More

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Your Camera Knows You’re the Picture of Health–or If You Have COVID

Phillip Alvelda, the CEO of Medio.ai  and a serial entrepreneur, put it to me this way: “Imagine you’re lying in the hospital and every few hours a very disruptive nurse with a clanging cart of diagnostic tools shows up to interrupt your rest and take your vitals. Intrusive, annoying, high contact, and it is not a constantly-monitored assessment of your vitals.” That’s a scenario Alvelda set out to eliminate with his latest project,...   More

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Gaming Is Changing the Ecosystem of Tech

We used to say that if you wanted to see the future of technology you should look no further than the porn industry. It was typically the earliest adopter of new technologies like CD-ROMs, DVDs, streaming, haptics and more. But today if you want to see the future of technology and policy, look no further than digital gaming. Who would have thought that entertaining pastimes like short silly videos of dances on TikTok and battling to rule...   More

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The Cell Phone’s Father Speaks Out

Quick pop-quiz in memory of Alex Trebek:  What weighed 2.5 pounds, cost $3,900, and did nothing but talk? Answer: *What is* the first mobile phone—in 1973. Martin Cooper is universally celebrated as the father of the modern cell phone. It was developed under his watch at Motorola and was first demonstrated way back then. Cooper, an engineer who headed R&D at Motorola, understood the magnitude of the moment. Standing on a 5th Avenue...   More