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Robin’s Rules of Order: New Models for the Workplace

...first,” including Quora, Dropbox, Hubspot and Pinterest, along with quotes from their management on reasoning behind those decisions. How do you get started on the re-invention? I’ve created a blueprint — let’s call it Robin’s Rules of Order. Step 1:  Task analysis Dissect your team’s workflow and responsibilities, identifying which tasks are best done alone, and which ones rely on group think.  And which group think...   More

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Raskin’s Special Awards for Virtual Events Platforms

Image Credit: Hopin The gold rush is on to move live events and conferences online. New companies that promise to make online events more satisfying than a crowded hotel are sprouting like weeds. But ask 10 event producers which platform they’re using for their online shift and you’ll get 10 different answers. Note: An event is not a Zoom meeting. It’s scheduled, marketed, requires registration, offers various types of content in various...   More

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Are We Addicted to Smartphones? Do You Really Have to Ask?

...ul story. I just want to say cool, great. Balkam: Right. One last comment or question? Anyone’s got a burning—yes! We’ve got a— Raskin: Actually, I just wrote a story— Balkam: Hold on, wait for the—Robin, wait, wait. Raskin: Robin Raskin, and I think I’ve been working in this as long as Stephen. This morning I wrote a story called, “Digital Diet Mania,” which there are a lot of tech products being announced now, in the Verizon/Spark family,...   More

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Till we Meet Again (at Conferences)

...? Because the pandemic has shown us that we are all planning virtual events now. Whether you are a brand, a product, a talent, whatever — you’re going to be dependent on your virtual meeting skills to do good business. Robin Raskin is a longtime organizer of physical events as founder of Living in Digital Times. During the pandemic, she founded the Virtual Events Group (known as VEG) to raise the bar for and share knowledge about virtual...   More

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The World Wide Pause

...It’s the End of the World as We Know It?) but history, literature, and song seem a good antidote to the frenzied corona-news cycles. In the face of Covid19 we are already starting to find ourselves not so busy. We will be forced to take pause, gain some perspective and invent new ways of doing business for 21st century realities. I’m already jones-ing from my business travel addiction but looking forward to a bit of a worldwide pause. Robin...   More

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Are We Ready for a Do-Not-Touch World?

...me degree, universal. As we reign in touch, we reign in exploration, communication, and comfort.  We deprive ourselves of the biological benefits of a hug.  I am worried, even sad, that the effects of these imposed short-term behavioral changes may endure long after the COVID emergency is over. The taboo of touch will become de rigueur in post-COVID life. We are in an active boot camp for the new high-tech, low-touch life.  Robin...   More

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Health Tech’s Role in Return to Normalcy

...ike? Expect things like QR codes, green checkmarks on your smartphone, and careful counterfeit precautions. One thing’s for certain, says Vitalari – “paper won’t work.” Reporting from the New York Times and Techonomy’s Robin Raskin seems to concur – digital health passports will be the rage in 2021. As Raskin notes, many, many companies are developing apps and passports – a far cry from the yellow immunization cards parents of school-aged...   More

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Summer 2021: Are We Going Up or Down?

...een nations that are disparately affected? Will some countries or people do it anyway? Does even talking about this undermine our collective determination to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Our great regular columnist Robin Raskin writes this week again about the metaverse, which is much in the news since Mark Zuckerberg enthused about pivoting Facebook towards it. (Raskin’s friend David Kleeman, a media expert, recently wrote for us an...   More

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Cleanliness is Next to Techieness at CES 2021

...being easy to retrofit onto most existing machines. What’s missing from this picture? For all its attention to cleanliness, the CE industry is still pretty dirty when it comes to recycling and products meant to last. At next year’s show I’d like to see more products like this fully recyclable PC from Abacus from Pentaform or this garbage sorting machine from Lasso Loop. (Note: Techonomy contributor Raskin is also a consultant to CES. For us in...   More

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I’ll Miss Bill and Melinda

...own change in circumstance. I’m just sad that “marriage is forever” has now received another plunge of the knife.  I’m sorry your life is being scrutinized. That must be exhausting. Being married to Bill, I’m sure had it’s rewards and challenges. Hopefully you take those learnings and apply them to the next act.   Rooting for ya,Robin...   More

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The Thriving Do-Not-Touch Economy

In 2020 fortunes are being made with inventions that let you keep your distance. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in retail, education, health, or fitness, among many others. “Do Not Touch” is this year’s revenue battle cry. 6 Feet of Separation If you didn’t know what 6 feet looked like before, you sure as hell do now.  And just in case you’re still not sure, a bevy of gadgets will help, from ultra-low-tech rubber tube bumper tables to the...   More

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In 2021 Digital Communities Will Deepen–and Even Blend

Some are calling it the year of “Splinternet,” because new online communities are appearing faster than Netflix releases. The idea behind these emerging communities is usually to create a cult-like sense of online fandom around a person, place or thing. Variations on that theme make these communities the most dynamic segment of the online world today. To the naked eye Discord looks like what happens when you cross today’s Slack with...   More

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Vaccination Nation: Digital Health Passports Will Be the Rage in 2021

As a young mother, I lived in fear of losing those yellow cards filled with my kids’ immunization records. They needed them to play on the school team, go to summer camp, or just head back to the classroom each September. States still require vaccinations (with some exemptions for reasons like religious beliefs). Travel to certain foreign countries still requires vaccinations, but the system is fragmented, and the yellow scorecards are hardly...   More

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CES 2021 Will Showcase Plenty of Truly Useful Tech

CES is an institution. For years geeks have trekked to Las Vegas at this time of year, not to gamble but to get their fix at this mecca for high tech gee-gaws. This year’s show will be all virtual, a prospect that’s exciting because it should enable the exhibitors who toil on less glitzy but often world-altering technologies to get some attention. Viewed through a screen, CES may offer us a glimpse at more substance and less glitz than if we...   More

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What did you learn in the pandemic?

Any meeting I’ve been to these last few weeks is starting with a version of “good riddance to a bad year!’  December does always bring a strange mixture of reflection on the year past and prognostication about what’s to come. But unlike other years, reflecting on 2020 will stick around a lot longer.  We’ll be weighing in on this annus horribilis for years to come. 2020 made us question a lot of assumptions. Here are a few tenets 2020...   More

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“Ghost Kitchens” Rise to Meet To-Go Demand

I heard a great story the other day from a Brooklyn friend who braved going to a Grimaldi’s over the weekend. Grimaldi’s is a New York nirvana for pizza lovers. She reports that her family waited over an hour for their pizza, because the restaurant’s take-out business was too inundated to take care of its real-life guests. Grimaldi’s, it would appear, is the perfect candidate for a ghost kitchen makeover. Ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, and...   More

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He Spoke With the Wuhan Whistleblower in January

...he 1970s, when he was at Motorola. He is about to publish, inspiringly, a future-centric book called Cutting the Cord: The Cellphone Has Transformed Humanity. He’ll be interviewed by our regular (and deep-thinking) columnist Robin Raskin. There too much more for me to enumerate it all here. The actual closing of the event will be shepherded by our own chairman, Jim McCann, founder of 1-800-FLOWERS. He always brings a veteran businessperson’s...   More

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Swipe Left to Connect: Dating Apps Set the Stage for Business

The old adage was that if you want to see the future of technology, keep an eye on the porn industry.  It was first to push technologies ranging from video to DVDs to haptics. In that spirit, today I see dating app technology as foretelling the future of business connections. We’ve mastered attending virtual conferences, but the human connection is hard to find. We’re housebound, with screens our only portal for meeting new people. So a...   More

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For Homebound Kids, the Play’s the Thing

Among the laundry list of behaviors that have been upended by the pandemic is what constitutes playtime for kids. Playdates, playgrounds, and outdoor sports all but evaporated as the world locked down. Screens became the intermediary between kids and the physical world. The silver lining is that parents got to watch and even participate in their kids playtime rituals, forging new bonds and a greater understanding of the importance and...   More

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The Cell Phone’s Father Speaks Out

Quick pop-quiz in memory of Alex Trebek:  What weighed 2.5 pounds, cost $3,900, and did nothing but talk? Answer: *What is* the first mobile phone—in 1973. Martin Cooper is universally celebrated as the father of the modern cell phone. It was developed under his watch at Motorola and was first demonstrated way back then. Cooper, an engineer who headed R&D at Motorola, understood the magnitude of the moment. Standing on a 5th Avenue...   More