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Aetna’s Mark Bertolini on Creating the Next Generation of Capitalism and an Uber for Healthcare

...the roads are all blocked off anyway. Bertolini: Well, it’s construction season. But the Slow Roll is very cool. McBryan : Well, we take a different route every Monday and it’s really cool. It’s a great way to see the city. Bertolini: Were you there last night. McBryan : Yes. Bertolini: It’s a great ride. McBryan : I’m just curious, you were born on the east side, same with me. You’re back in Detroit now, you spend some time here, obviously you...   More

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Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini on Healthcare & Capitalism

...ni: I think it is. I mean, who wouldn’t want in finding—we’re actually doing this with his holiness, the Pope, in trying to create a million volunteers in Africa, community health workers. Kirkpatrick: Working with the Pope? Bertolini: The Vatican. Kirkpatrick: Who’s we? Bertolini: It’s a group of CEOs. Kirkpatrick: All right. Bertolini: And so we’re trying to get a million community health workers in Africa. Do we need to train up 750,000...   More

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A Conversation with Mark Bertolini

...e people die at home versus 24 percent before. We saw an 80 percent drop in costs, and we got letters and notes from people about the quality of end of life that were just incredible. Kirkpatrick: And that EBIDTA got bigger. Bertolini: It did. Kirkpatrick: Not bad. Bertolini: It all works together. Kirkpatrick: But you also had this idea for concierge. Could you just talk about that a little bit? Bertolini: So we are doing a lot about connecting...   More

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Mission-Driven Leadership: My Journey as a Radical Capitalist

...kind of community inside the organization and a culture that said it’s really important to take care of us as well as the people we serve. Gelles: Sounds like a different sort of company, but you sold that company last year. Bertolini: Yes. Gelles: To CVS. Bertolini: Yes. Gelles: Was that decision in the best interest of your employees and your customers, or was it in the best interest of your shareholders? Bertolini: So here’s the next step. So...   More

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Mark T. Bertolini

...tolini held executive positions at Cigna, NYLCare Health Plans, and SelectCare, Inc., where he served as president and chief executive officer. Recognized as an accessible, forward-thinking and solutions-oriented leader, Mr. Bertolini is actively engaged in the national dialogue on the future of health care. Mr. Bertolini meets regularly with state and federal policymakers to promote measures that increase access, lower costs and improve quality...   More

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A Health Insurance CEO Who’s Bringing Apps to Affordable Care

...of $1.5 billion in revenues in the next year. On the consumer side, he says, the company is driving customers to adopt apps with a carrot-and-stick approach. “Today, consumers contribute 41 percent of the healthcare dollar,” Bertolini says. “As soon as that hits 50 percent, we will have a very different marketplace.” To address that forthcoming consumer-driven market, last month Bertolini created a Consumer Products and Enterprise...   More

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Aetna CEO Bertolini Basically Predicted the Just-Announced CVS Deal at Techonomy a Month Ago

...country’s biggest health insurers. It comes partly in response to Amazon’s entrance into the U.S. pharmacy business, and is part of a wave of mergers in health care. In his conversation on the Techonomy stage in California, Bertolini said Aetna was having conversations with Walmart, Walgreens and CVS with the aim of creating an in-store experience “that looks more like an Apple store than it looks like a drugstore.” Bertolini is one of American...   More


Aetna CEO Bertolini: The Middle East Will Have Technologized Healthcare Before the U.S.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the American healthcare system—even when that means underscoring its many failures. Bertolini talked with us at our recent Techonomy 2013 conference in Tucson, Ariz., about his views on U.S. healthcare’s “recalcitrance” in accepting technology, and his hopes for changing that. “We’ve got a lot of really good technology in helping people survive...   More

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Aetna CEO Embraces Alternative Healthcare

...for the current health system to be “creatively destroyed.” Who would have thought the top man at one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies would be an advocate for craniosacral therapy and meditative chanting? Bertolini’s onstage interview with David Kirkpatrick focused mostly on his innovative approaches to apps and technology at the company. But in a later on-camera conversation, Bertolini described how his progressive personal...   More

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People, Companies, and Trends: Techonomy’s 2013 Top Ten

...see many more regulatory debates, technological transformations, legal battles, and controversial proposals from pioneers in personal genomics in the coming year. 3. Mark Bertolini, CEO, Aetna David Kirkpatrick (l) and Mark Bertolini at Techonomy 2013. (Photo: Asa Mathat) At our November conference in Tucson, Mark Bertolini offered an unvarnished assessment of the bungled rollout of Healthcare.gov, while affirming his company’s commitment to...   More


Cultures of Innovation

...$52-billion-a-year health insurer Aetna, for example, has doubled its stock price in the last two years even as its CEO Mark Bertolini has emphasized breaking the company down into smaller units. “We’re 163 years old,” said Bertolini at last year’s Techonomy conference in Arizona, discussing the impact of tech on his business. “Is that a plus or minus?” a moderator asked him. “That’s a minus,” he replied. “Some say we have actuaries who’ve been...   More

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Immortality and Collaboration: Onstage at Techonomy 2013

...at the giants of old industry are really starting to think differently about how to conduct their business, organize their companies, and evolve their products. This was especially evident when I sat down with Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, who described his company’s shift towards creating a tech platform for health, with its tech subsidiaries separated from the traditional health insurer. Bertolini’s personal story is astonishing. He...   More

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Business’s Biggest Trend: Convergence Around Tech

David Kirkpatrick interviews Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini at Techonomy 2013. (Photo by Asa Mathat) At Techonomy, we’ve argued from the beginning that there is no real difference between a “tech” company and a “company.” We held a session entitled “Every Company Is a Software Company” at our 2011 conference, and aim to be a central meeting point for traditional companies and startups. This interesting piece...   More

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How Technology Can Transform Our Healthcare Labyrinth

...allows them to manage their personal healthcare. Over time, we believe that consumers, actively involved in managing their own health, will lead to healthier communities, a healthier nation, and even a healthier world. Mark Bertolini is chairman and CEO of Aetna. Earlier, he worked at Cigna, NYLCare Health Plans, and SelectCare. He serves on the board of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, for children with cancer and serious illnesses. This...   More

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

...e 49, 94% men. These men did not like school 30 years ago. [LAUGHTER] Kirkpatrick: So you can see why he’s taken off. Benjamin: Right? Kirkpatrick: I’ve got a follow-up. So on this stage yesterday, our final speaker was Mark Bertolini who you may know, a great thinker about healthcare, former CEO of Aetna. And one of the things he was complaining about as the CEO of Aetna was that he was unable to invest in his people because the tax laws...   More

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What to Expect at Techonomy 2017

...euro-tech on the increasing pull towards a future when we start to merge with our machines. The intersection of tech, heath and healthcare has always been a focus for us. We’ll continue that with speakers including CEOs Mark Bertolini of Aetna, Mario Schlosser of Oscar, and Vyomesh Joshi of 3D Systems, as well as author Dan Munro, who wrote Casino Healthcare, Dr. Dean Ornish (who’s written many best sellers), Dr. Agnes Bingawaho (former...   More

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Ross Reflections: Looking Towards Detroit, and Some Amazing Bio/Artist/Designers

...ety.” (Image via Shutterstock) It’s been a busy couple of weeks as we continue to fine-tune the program for September’s Techonomy Detroit. If you’re in Detroit September 15 you should stop by—we’ll be interviewing Mark Bertolini, the refreshing, bead wearing, yogi-like CEO of Aetna (here’s an interview we did with him at Techonomy 2013). We’ll also be interviewing Carl Bass, the wood carving, boat- and furniture-making CEO of Autodesk...   More

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Consumers to Health Insurers: Keep it Simple

...er how technologically advanced. Health insurers will need to adapt their products and services to ensure that regular consumers are not lost in the rush to innovate. Read more at Strategy+Business We spoke with Aetna’s Mark Bertolini about the changes in the healthcare industry at TE Detroit in 2015. Plus, at Techonomy 2015 last November, Bernard Tyson of Kaiser Permanente talked about his company’s role as both a healthcare insurer and...   More

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I Love Detroit

...titutions are arising, and in general Detroit is a place to be. And we’re still going strong. Our speaker line up for Techonomy Detroit on Sept. 15 at Wayne State University includes CEO Carl Bass of Autodesk, CEO Mark Bertolini of Aetna (Who was born and raised in Detroit, and is a Wayne State University Alum–our conference takes place at in Minoru Yamasaki’s beautiful McGregor conference center there.), Michael Chui of McKinsey,...   More

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Techonomy NYC: Down on Tech, but Upbeat About a Humanized Future

...e Corps,’ in which younger people would help seniors retrofit their homes, or work on infrastructure.” Climate action was emphasized by both candidates as an urgent priority for the nation, and one that is non-partisan. Mark Bertolini, author of a new book entitled Mission-Driven Leadership: My Journey as a Radical Capitalist, explained how frustrated he was as CEO of Aetna because current rules and business practices prevented him from taking...   More