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180 Shift: The Fallacy of Exporting Tech Solutions to the Middle East

Regional innovators are bucking the notion that Western imported tech is the solution to the Middle East’s problems. Music, creative ways to bypass censorship, and grassroots literacy are the real paths to change, and are...

180 Shift: The Change to EVs is Coming Faster Than you Think

The switch from gas guzzlers to electric vehicles will be faster and easier than anyone realizes.  The infrastructure is scaling, cars are getting better and more varied, and IoT connects the dots.  Fast charging remains...

180 Shift: Emotional Contagion

Emotions are contagious. With new technologies, could our sentient ecosystem quantify and monitor these shared emotional experiences, allowing us to connect and empathize with people very different from ourselves? Washington State University researcher Sara Waters...

180 Shift: From Learning to Unlearning

In marketing, the old mental model of targets, funnels, and campaigns has become outdated. In strategy, value is now created with platforms and ecosystems. In organizations, one needs to master new models of networks and...

180 Shift: Emotions Are The Future Of Chat Conversations

Founders of this digital library of human expressions began by building software to help people choose better words to communicate. They ended up creating a new social network of visual content based on chat expressions.

180 Shift: Is the Future of Wearable Health Tech…Tattoos?

What happens when low-cost biosensors embedded in tattoos can detect blood alcohol, sugar, or biomarkers related to diseases like malaria or zika? How will that impact not just the health and wellness of individuals, but the...

180 Shift: The SneakerNet: Back to the Future and Back Again

In places with limited connectivity, innovative ways to share information, via CDs, USB, and Bluetooth are changing personal communication, politics, entertainment and commerce.

180 Shift: Seeing Tomorrow From Space

We’re in an era of agile aerospace, when a satellite the size of a shoebox can show us things we’ve never seen before. From agriculture and forestry, to business intelligence and defense. How will monitoring everything,...

180 Shift: Angela Benton

When Accelerating Slows You Down Traditional valley accelerators, by some accounts, are magical places, spinning pixie dust and foaling unicorns. But they don’t work for everyone and flat out fail some.

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