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The Digital Divide: How Can the Tech Industry Become More Inclusive?

...f the world’s perspectives. Keen: Laura, you’ve gone one step, I think, beyond Danae. You’ve come up with technology to actually address these issues of inequality. So you might define what you mean, or what in your mind the digital divide is, and then tell us what you’ve come up with and why it’s an important development. Mather: Yes, so I see the digital divide as when there is someone who is qualified for a job, and in fact will excel in the...   More

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The Time to Prioritize Digital Health Equity Is Now

...al that we design those models and experiences to work as well for underserved populations as they do for anyone else — not as an afterthought or add-on, but as a starting point and priority area of focus. Bridging the digital divide and closing gaps in access are not only the right thing to do, but the only way to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes for all. Ashwini Zenooz, M.D. is the President & Chief Medical Officer of...   More

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Digital Transformation, IoT and the Future

...nks from Silicon Harlem. I had two quick things. It seems to me that IOT is dependent on two really critical things: broadband, and of course, from a consumer perspective, the type of things they’re going to buy. So we saw a digital divide when the Internet came out and all us exploded when we started to close that gap. Internet of Things has the potential to create another digital divide because of the affordability. So particular Bayer and...   More

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Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam on 5G & Digital Inclusion

...n two months away from a merger of some company with Sprint for the last 10 years. So we don’t wait up nights waiting for the press. Kirkpatrick: Okay, one last chance for the audience. Audience 2: Thanks for your nod on the digital divide. I’ve been working on it for 25 years, starting with my days with Bill Clinton. In your documentary and in things around it, you’ve talked about the need for a coordinated effort, including connectivity,...   More

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Civic Tech and the New Digital Divide

A presentation by Tiana Epps-Johnson, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Technology and Civic Life.   Kirkpatrick: Okay, now we’re going to get more deeply into the civic tech and what’s happening with the digital divide. Tiana Epps-Johnson is founder and executive director of the Center for Technology and Civic Life, and what that organization does is publish civic datasets for the public that helps train election workers and find...   More

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Techonomy’s Topic of the Year: The Digital Divide. We’ve Got to Fix It.

The pandemic threw the digital divide into stark relief as one of society’s greatest challenges. For those with broadband access, the transition to remote working and learning was at least possible, if not easy. Yet 30% of American children can’t connect, as we heard at July’s Techonomy Virtual conference, in a session with longtime government tech-policy expert Larry Irving and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel (below)....   More

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Brad Smith on Tech Leadership in an Era of Shared Innovation

...hear you speak on the [Microsoft] TechSpark initiative and the things that you are doing in six states. MPower is very active in the innovation, entrepreneurship and just generally bringing, I guess, some gravity around the digital divide which is happening. We don’t have skilled workers moving into these professions. Can you talk about the relevant role and outcomes you feel these states and I don’t want to get to big global, but what can...   More

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To Advance Humanity, We Must Retool Tech

...atop the business world for the same reason: They claim ownership to massive pools of data. Most of them are mining all that data with machine learning to monetize our every click.  Humanity finds itself experiencing a digital divide of a different kind: technology is proliferating, data is exploding, time is compressing, and change is evolving at such an unprecedented rate that we simply can’t keep up. And so, through sheer exhaustion, we...   More


FCC Chairman Looks to Close Digital Divide by Expanding Lifeline Program

(Image via Shutterstock) FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has circulated a proposal within the Commission to dramatically expand the $1.7 billion Lifeline subsidy program designed to ensure all Americans have access to advanced telecommunications services. Lifeline was created in 1985 by the Reagan administration to subsidize landline phone service; in 2008 it was expanded to include cellphones. To qualify for the subsidy a household must, “have an...   More

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The Digital Divide: How Can the Tech Industry Become More Inclusive?

As companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple release their hiring data figures, the Twitter-verse explodes with commentary on the lack of diversity in the industry. This is not a new problem, but there should be new solutions. How can tech and American entrepreneurship be more inclusive? Brian Forde of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Google’s Chris Genteel, Laura Mather of Unitive, Marlin Page of Sisters...   More

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What the Dormouse Says Now

...now, and, boy, have I seen a lot of things keep coming up. The thing that kept coming up year after year is the digital divide, and all of the sudden the last day there, we had a kind of chanting together, we must solve the digital divide, that getting these wonderful tools that we and wealthy nations get to have and get it to the rest of the world, those poor things, and everybody would go away feeling noble and helpless. And it was such a...   More

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Can We Hack Our Way to the Cities We Need?

...ing to be interpreted and decision making being affected by that. So I do think that we are seeing sort of a—this is happening everywhere in the world, even the most remote pockets, as Jon just mentioned. I used to work as a digital divide consultant in the year 2000, trying to bring broadband to lost communities that were off the grid. And that was sort of the beginning of seeing how the Internet could be so powerful. And I do think this is...   More

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The Evolution Revolution

...mentation of the business model, I am concerned about what happens when someone can’t pay for the next six months of their enhanced cognition. Kurzweil: Well, another one of these I think incorrect perceptions is the growing digital divide. I mean, every statistic shows that’s absolutely not the case. The Internet and access to it is spreading like wildfire in Africa and other developing countries and we now have two to three billion smart...   More

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Health + Wealth Day 3: How Data is Revolutionizing Society

...and utilizing technology to create a seamless virtual transition. But data capabilities are not evenly distributed. Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of Global Business at Tufts’ Fletcher School, presented research showing that the digital divide has been increased by the pandemic, and that the divide often aligns with American economic and racial division. Can the Biden administration’s proposed infrastructure bill help? Bhaskar’s answer: “It’s both...   More

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John Chambers on Leadership in a Startup World

...we all know is going to occur. And we also have to be realistic. Technology is going to destroy 20–40% of the jobs that exist today. So if we don’t get a startup engine going at a whole different pace, we’re going to have a digital divide, makes today look small. Kirkpatrick: Do you think of what you’re doing in West Virginia as something as a template for what could happen in the United States more broadly? Chambers: Exactly, and David, you...   More

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Vaccines, Bitcoins, and Catalytic Converters

...search Institute, are asking a powerful question: Could a Single Vaccine Work Against All Coronaviruses? (NYT) (Topol just agreed to speak at Techonomy’s Digitally United virtual conference in March.) The Many Impacts of the Digital Divide Reporting in WIRED confirms that nothing is sacred when it comes to the digital divide. “Churches with less of a digital presence tend to be located in rural areas. Their congregations are more likely to be...   More

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Tony Marx on How Libraries Can Serve Everyone

...’re fixing up all the branches because they’re the most used civic space. But as outposts for doing what we need to do, we are in every neighborhood. Which is why we lend wi-fi through libraries in this country to get at the digital divide. Which is why we’re working with the MIT media lab to figure out whether we can connect libraries in Red states and Blue states to create some national productive conversation. If we do this right, we will do...   More

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FCC (R&D) on Spectrum and the Policy Future for Tech

...gency’s going to be able to look at some of the programs it has, including the Lifeline program, and also our efforts to put more Wi-Fi in the airwaves and see what we can do to fix that problem, because I think it’s the new digital divide and it deserves all of our attention. O’Rielly: I would just answer, we’ve done quite a bit on E-Rate, not everything I agreed with, but that’s understandable. But I would say that one area that I want...   More

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Connected Vehicles Make Cities Smarter

...ing. And in many countries a piece of spectrum has been reserved for intelligent transportation systems, yet is currently under-utilized. By turning buses, taxis and other vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots, we can help bridge the digital divide and contribute to a more inclusive society. Connected vehicles can gather terabytes of data a day for smarter and safer cities. All vehicles today already come out of the factory with 60-100 sensors each. They...   More

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Program Director Ross Reflects on Detroit

Tiana Epps-Johnson presents at Techonomy Detroit 2015 on “Civic Engagement & The New Digital Divide.” It’s been a couple of weeks since our fourth Techonomy Detroit. It was one of our best! Here are some of the highlights. Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, on community based healthcare from the bottom-up, inequality and the responsibility of CEOs. Not only does he dress like a rock star but he also found time the night before to do...   More