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Reddit, Robinhood, and Wall Street – Watch the Conversation

Last week, Clarim Media’s new Chief Content Officer and fintech expert James Ledbetter shared a highly informative and insightful conversation on the GameStop saga with Alexis Goldstein and Christine Lagorio-Chafkin. Watch the full session above.

A band of investment outsiders rallied behind some obscure stocks and caught some of the world’s largest hedge funds napping. With technology enabling coordinated investment and free stock trades, is this the new normal? Will Congress and the Biden Administration see the need to intervene? Alexis Goldstein, who left her career on Wall Street to be a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform, was incredibly knowledgeable, while Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, a senior tech writer for Inc. and author of We Are The Nerds: The Birth and Tumultuous Life of Reddit, the Internet’s Culture Laboratory, brought a unique perspective with her expertise on the community that started it all.

During the event, we polled our live audience to get a sense of their reactions. Here are the results:

4 Responses to “Reddit, Robinhood, and Wall Street – Watch the Conversation”

  1. Greg Licciardi says:

    Looking forward to this session!

  2. Ledbetter and Lagorio-Chafkin, getting the “Inc. Uncensored” band back together!

    Looking forward to it.

  3. Kerry says:

    Will the hedge funds who put pressure in Robinhood to stop its investors from trading GameStop/AMC be investigated by the SEC?


    Suckers come along constantly on Wall Street. Retail is called dumb money. maybe this time will be different…………A fool and his money……..fill in the rest

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