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Inclusion, Connectedness, and Values –3 Days of Health+Wealth

The vaccines will be near-miraculous. Connecting everyone, finally, should be Biden’s top tech priority. The public looks more to business for solutions to society’s ills. Digital transformation could enable it to deliver on those expectations. Social media needs an empathy infusion. America’s struggling cities are finding new reserves of strength. Everybody needs a colonoscopy. Genomic medicine poses enormous promise. And business can decarbonize the atmosphere if it proceeds from values. That’s a taste of what we heard in three days of intense discussion this week at The Health+Wealth of America.

Highlights of all three days are below – find full session videos here.

Day One Highlights:

More about day one here.

Day Two Highlights:

More about day two here.

Day Three Highlights:

More about day two here.


One Response to “Inclusion, Connectedness, and Values –3 Days of Health+Wealth”

  1. John Ziegler says:

    Atul Gawande in an interview in The New Yorker warned about how the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will test our society. I can see his concern as there will be attempts to line jump, shouts of “rigging” and so many other conspiracies that go along with our very divided nation. It is great that there are multiple vaccines on the near horizon. However, the distribution selection process will certainly, and unfortunately, take on the same cries of cheating as did our general election. How we deal with this will be remarkable.

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