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“Healing America in a Time of Divides”

That’s the title of a session at our upcoming Health+Wealth of America free virtual conference–three afternoons Tues. Oct. 13 through Thurs. Oct. 15, from 2-5pm eastern time each day. We’re organizing it in partnership with CDX (which focuses on digital transformation) and Worth Media, our corporate sibling. All the details here.

Zainab Salbi, an Iraqi immigrant who has spent many years working both on issues of immigration and gender equality, will appear at the session whose name I’ve quoted in my headline. She’s writing a book about how to overcome America’s divides—not only of right and left, Republican and Democrat, but men and women, rich and poor, privileged and disenfranchised. So much of the path towards greater harmony and social progress begins with empathy–a key part of her message. We have to learn to listen.

At our event we’ll listen to speakers ranging from major league national honchos like former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers and investor (and brief Trump communications czar) Anthony Scaramucci, to people in the trenches of American change at the community level. We’ll hear from entrepreneurs including Melissa Pancoast of The Beans, applying empathetic lessons learned about financial stress to help people emerge with less stress and more money. One speaker invests in social entrepreneurs—Angela Jackson of New Profit, and another is a private equity investor determined to do it ethically–Fadi Chehade, who in the past was CEO of ICANN, which runs the net’s naming system.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel of UPenn, a primary architect of Obamacare and a major expert on the Covid pandemic, opens the program on Tuesday October 13 at 2pm. Everything right now needs to be seen in the light of the pandemic (and the election–you’ll hear a lot about that, too.)

Longtime tech investor and pundit Esther Dyson has turned her attention to American health and wellness, and at the conference will introduce and interview two community activists from Muskegon, Michigan she met in the course of her Wellville initiative. Tressa Crosby is a healthcare worker who serves challenged clients in a disadvantaged neighborhood. Marquise Childers works on economic opportunity and development in the same area. We must listen to such authentic American voices. They are working to help people and communities develop resiliency.

Steve Case, famous for co-founding America Online, is now an investor and activist for American entrepreneurship, through Revolution, which aims to help innovative companies across the U.S. He appears with Kristin Groos Richmond, CEO of Revolution Foods, a portfolio company whose name is a coincidence—she founded it before Case started his group. Revolution Foods creates healthy, culturally-relevant food for schools and communities.

Stew Langille’s Float Mobility found a way to tie the nation’s transportation systems together so individuals can get places faster while tracking energy use and sustainability. Lisa Kenney founded Reimagine Gender, to advocate for and assist in a transition to an economy where everyone is respected regardless of how they define themselves.

There is so much more. You’ll hear two educators—one a social media star who oversees a high school in a middle income town in Alabama–Dr. Quentin Lee; the other the founder of an innovative Brooklyn institution that garnered a $10 million grant from Laurene Powell Jobs­–Dr. Eric Tucker of the Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School.

We care about inclusion, health, and progress, but business remains at the center of our discussions. We’ll learn from Cathy Bessant, COO and CTO of Bank of America, as well as Ken Washington, CTO of Ford, both interviewed by Drew Ianni of CDX.

There’s so much more. Go to healthandwealthofamerica.com to learn more. And join us, for free, Oct. 13-15!

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