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Cheers to Our Inaugural Virtual Happy Hour!

This week we convened our inaugural Techonomy & CDX Virtual Happy Hour, using the suddenly-ubiquitous video app Zoom. We were delighted to see the smiling faces of the several dozen community members who joined us. COVID-19 and the evolving impact the outbreak is having on every aspect of our lives was naturally at the top of everyone’s mind, but the tenor of the conversation was refreshingly cheerful.  

The group, as is always the case with Techonomists, was eclectic. Old friends and new (and one adorable baby) joined us from the World Economic Forum, IBM, Ford, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Center for Social Innovation, and many more. Together, we celebrated the recent successes of some and empathized with the current challenges of all.

As we raised our glasses and introduced ourselves, two key themes quickly emerged from the discussion: 1. Community is everything in times like these; and 2. Necessity really is the mother of invention (our friend Kate McKeown even showed off her innovative underwear face mask!).

During crisis, everyone is reminded of what matters most and, we hope, gets inspired to do what they can to make things better. We plan on continuing to convene our community for virtual happy hours, digital roundtables, and other remote gatherings, both during and after this bizarre and disturbing period. Such new digital experiences will help provide space for everyone to learn from one another, support each other’s work, and discover new ways to leverage tech for good.

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Caitlin Hamilton is Techonomy’s director of executive relations.

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