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Portraits: Thought Leaders in Support of U.N. Global Goals

The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are the world’s roadmap for progress, and offer a framework for discussing the biggest issues facing humanity. At our recent Techonomy 2017 conference, we asked speakers to choose one of the 17 SDGs. They were then photographed by Emma McIntyre, a photographer with our partner Getty Images. Each speaker was asked to explain why they chose their goal. The slideshow below illustrates these supporters of the U.N. Global Goals. 


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One Response to “Portraits: Thought Leaders in Support of U.N. Global Goals”

  1. forachel says:

    Ironically, all sustainable development goals rely on adequate, reliable energy as a precondition. Sadly, goal #7 which was supposed to address this, sets the goal so low (and doesn’t address reliability) so as to make the other goals unachievable. Setting low energy access goals means we’ll take a totally different policy and technological approach to addressing this challenge and not aim for the quality and quantity necessary to truly address the other goals.

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