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PCMag.com Covers Techonomy’s Focus on IoT

Techonomy16 conference in Half Moon Bay, California, Thursday, November 10, 2016. (Photo by Paul Sakuma Photography) www.paulsakuma.com

The Internet of Things was a reoccurring topic at Techonomy 2016, including on this panel about IoT and security. From left, Mark Bartolomeo of Verizon, Betsy Cooper of the UC Berkeley Center for Cybersecurity, Nicole Eagan of Darktrace, Chris Rill of Canary, and moderator Stacey Higginbotham of the Internet of Things Podcast.

Mark Zuckerberg made worldwide headlines, and election coverage got a spotlight at Techonomy 2016, but the Internet of Things was still a central theme of this year’s conference. Michael J. Miller of PC Magazine wrote a great piece about the conference’s focus on IoT.

The IoT’s effect on healthcare came up both at TE Health—a half-day roundtable that attracted preeminent healthcare professionals from around the world—and on stage at TE16. The consensus was that the industry is ripe for innovation, and that connected wearables and embedded devices will play a big part in the evolution of healthcare.

Panelists from a various sectors, including experts on cyber security, got people worried by noting how much the IoT is vulnerable to attack. Many speakers adopted a cautious tone when discussing IoT security, and the recent DDoS attack that utilized hacked webcams came up as an example of the kind of problems that need to be addressed.

Other popular sessions focused on smart cities, the role the U.S. government needs to take in promoting, embracing, and regulating the IoT, and this technology’s potential to disrupt the shipping industry. Bill Ruh of GE, provided insight into GE’s digital transformation.

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