Techonomy Finally Comes to NYC on May 26!

By  |  April 16, 2016, 12:00 PM

illustration by Clara Kirkpatrick

illustration by Clara Kirkpatrick

The future of business and society gets harder and harder to predict as tech transforms everything. Techonomy hosts dialogue, founded in optimism, about what comes next and how we should respond. After Techonomy Detroit, Bio, Policy, and six years of flagship two-day retreats, join leading thinkers at our first day-long hometown conference on Thursday, May 26 at NYU. Our special focus is “Man, Machines, and the Network.” Here in NYC we get insights and see opportunities we might miss in Silicon Valley, or anywhere else. It’s going to rock.

Full list of speakers, including those we couldn’t fit on the graphic:

There’s even more to come. Apply for an invitation here

Can’t Attend? Nominate a friend or colleague.

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