Techonomy Magazine: Future Healthcare, Indoor Agriculture, Design, Global Inclusion…

It's the fourth time Techonomy has published its print and digital magazine.

It’s the fourth time Techonomy has published its print and digital magazine.





















We’ve published the latest issue of our print and digital Techonomy Magazine. We think it’s quite handsome. It’s loaded with articles on topics about which we’re passionate, ranging from how the emergence of genomic medicine challenges the American health care system to a deep look at how technologized indoor agriculture may remake not only what we eat but its environmental consequences as well. There’s an article about how the radical new form of networked record keeping called the Blockchain could revolutionize the concept of ownership in historically disenfranchised parts of the world. And we did a long interview with one of the world’s most insightful experts on design–Paola Antonelli of the Museum of Modern Art. While we’ve put the agriculture piece online, we’ll be highlighting other articles in coming weeks. There are also sections with great quotes from our Bio, Policy and Detroit conferences from earlier in the year. It’s the fourth issue, and we think they get better each time.

If you’d like to request a copy of the print magazine, contact (It’s even better on paper.)

  • There’s lots of great insight here to consider and reflect upon, as we think about the key issues that will impact the global networked economy during 2016 and beyond. Thank you for sharing.