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Harnessing the Power of Algae


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A California researcher is working to create a new type of battery, powered not by lithium, alkaline, or lead-acid, but by … algae? Yes, reports TechCrunch, algae batteries, which charge faster and for longer than their traditional counterparts, have the capacity to power a smartphone, a tablet, and even a Tesla.

Research has already shown the power of algae, but Adam Freeman, founder of alGAS, says he’s about to create the first algae battery that could power a car–with a charge 200 times greater than current lithium-based batteries can provide, and for a fraction of the price. “Think of driving your car on a living battery that charges in seconds with a battery that costs almost nothing and is actually good for the environment,” Freeman told TechCrunch.

With $1,500 for the battery prototype and $5,000 for mass production, Freeman says his battery could be ready as soon as this summer.

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