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BlackBerry CEO Chen: Security Is Key to Comeback

BlackBerry CEO John Chen, who’s been at the helm for just four months, has a looming task ahead of him—bring the once-booming brand back to its glory days. At Techonomy’s recent San Francisco dinner salon, Chen talked with us about the future of BlackBerry, citing its security systems as one key way the company can turn itself around. “It’s the most secure mobile environment,” Chen said. “Today in this world of security complexity, people are not only stealing the data but they’re modifying the data. It’s an enormous opportunity.”

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2 Responses to “BlackBerry CEO Chen: Security Is Key to Comeback”

  1. xBURK says:

    So happy Mr. Chen took over. He has proven his worth in the past and has a great opportunity in front of him. BB10 is worth fighting for.

  2. Rene says:

    When it becomes understood that security is not just for the enterprise Mr Chen will have a much broader audience to sing to. QNX is key.

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