Healthcare Internet of Things

Quantifying Yourself? Your Doctor May Finally Notice

(Image via Shutterstock)

(Image via Shutterstock)

Now that so many of us wear Fitbits, Nike Fuelbands, Jawbone Ups, and other devices that track our steps, sleep, calories, and more stuff every day, it’s about time that we did more with the information than just compete with each other. Wired explains that Practice Fusion, a major electronic medical records company, is partnering with companies that make heart-rate and diabetes monitors so doctors can start getting data from our devices methodically. It’s a baby step but an important one. Practice Fusion expects to include other devices as well. When companies like Cisco estimate that the Internet of Everything will mean tens of billions of dollars of economic activity, it’s because aggressive thinkers believe all this quantifying, measuring, and sensing will be transformative, especially in the realm of health.

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