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Does Bitcoin Bite, Bark, or Bumble?

(Image via Shutterstock)

(Image via Shutterstock)

Of all the surprises and gifts tumbling tumultuously from the world’s startups and programmers, none are more daunting to the casual observer than Bitcoin. What is it, really? Should I buy some? What would that mean? Where would it be? Why are so many smart people doing so, and creating companies to help others do that? What problems does it solve? For one thing, a transnational currency that can be traded without intermediaries has appeal. But while we can say that confidently, it’s not even clear Bitcoin fits that definition. Now at least a thorough examination of the phenomenon has emerged from Goldman Sachs. The company has great incentive to get its analysis of Bitcoin right, so when it says this is not really a currency, we should take note. But even Goldman isn’t sure what it is. TechCrunch does a nice job summarizing the research and includes a link to the original lengthy analysis.

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