Ford’s Farley Wants P2P Sharing and Electric Cars for Urban Mobility

Techonomy Video  |  January 9, 2014, 1:56 PM  |  Techonomy Exclusive

As the urban population soars, city streets are growing increasingly traffic-clogged and difficult to navigate, impeding our ease of transit and, more critically, harming our environment. At our Techonomy 2013 conference, we talked to Jim Farley, EVP of global marketing at Ford, about the car industry and using shared ownership to tackle urban mobility. While business-to-consumer models (think Zipcar) have thus far dominated the shared-ownership market, they have struggled to succeed financially. Farley believes a peer-to-peer system of sharing vehicles is more promising. Electrifying the car industry, he added, will be an important part of developing this peer-to-peer system, enabling us to be more economical, more efficient, and kinder to our Earth. “Finding a better way to fit into that new definition of mobility in a big city like Sao Paulo or Bangkok probably is going to be one of the biggest impacts we’ll have on the environment.”

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