Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson on the Next Wave of Tech Hubs

Does adding “Silicon” before a community’s name make it a better place for tech? Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson would answer with a resounding “No,” saying the practice is one of his personal pet peeves. Dickerson talked at Techonomy Detroit about how cities like Detroit can remain authentic by embracing their unique identities. “Every city should try to be itself,” he said, noting that part of Detroit’s heritage is its long history of innovation and making things. “Detroit has that maker culture really baked into the city.”

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  1. Guest says:

    Born in the midwest, I subscribe to the notion that the geography, location, weather and the ethnic mix of cultures shape the citizens from these states. Friendliness and respect for hard work, individuality and pride in craftsmanship are traditional values there. The midwestern work ethic is understood as a way to feel pride in an honest day’s work. Yes, I definitely see the maker movement introducing another way for Detroit residents to showcase their individual inventiveness.

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