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Airbnb Rallies its Community to Fight Back

6a00d83451b36c69e2017d3c193d4f970c-800wiAirbnb hosts in New York are fighting back against policymakers who are trying to rein in the sharing economy. Last week the New York Attorney General subpoenaed the records of all New York Airbnb hosts, and the community is not happy.

Recently Airbnb has been working with officials to clarify complicated rental regulations. But now they are “fighting the subpoena with all we’ve got,” wrote Global Head of Community Douglas Atkin in an email sent to New Yorkers on Monday. “Poorly written laws make for even worse enforcement, and unless you help to stop it once and for all, the laws may never get better and New Yorkers will continue to suffer.”

In true sharing economy fashion, Atkin has appealed to the New York Airbnb community to sign an online petition to change New York laws on Peers.org. The petition already has 3,500 signatures; only 16,500 to go before it is presented to the New York senate!

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