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More Connected Worlds May Threaten Personal Security

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

What will happen when hackers break into the “Internet of Things”? A growing number of Internet-connected home devices are hitting the market, but two security researchers are warning consumers of potential security breaches, according to MIT Technology Review. These new remotely-managed devices offer convenience and potential energy savings—but are they worth it?

Internet-connected devices can control everything from the front door, to the thermostat, to the toilet—and when security is lacking, a savvy electronic intruder could take over.  David Bryan and Daniel Crowley, security researchers at Trustwave Holdings who hacked into many devices on the market, say that security is often overlooked during product development. But once a hacker gets into a single type of Internet-connected appliance or system, they could harm thousands of owners at once, breaking into their homes or inexplicably flushing their toilets. Attackers could even “eavesdrop” on wireless device data at home to determine household behavior, like times of day when no one is around. Luckily, Bryan and Crowley are hopeful that as popularity increases, device manufacturers will prioritize security so the “Internet of Things” can truly be more helpful than harmful.

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