Pitch Review Software is a Home Run For Ball Players

Baseball image via Shutterstock

Baseball image via Shutterstock

Software and tablets are allowing baseball players to better prepare for games than ever before, The New York Times reports. About 150 major league players and coaches are paying $700 per season for a subscription to Pitch Review software created by Bloomberg Sports. The program is especially popular among pitchers and catchers, as it aggregates a statistical database and video of every pitch thrown. Each user can have an individualized experience, analyzing their own pitching and hitting or that of opponents and teammates. In the past, players relied on desktop computers in stadiums for such video resources, but this program allows them to watch on the road or in the locker room.

Pitch Review is among many new solutions that use big data and mobile hardware to enhance sports for players, owners, and fans. Some franchises are enhancing the experience in the stadium; the San Francisco 49ers, for instance, are building a smart new stadium where fans can use mobile apps to order food and watch instant replays. Others teams are focusing on Moneyball-style scouting and coaching techniques, such as Vivek Ranadivé and his newly acquired Sacramento Kings. Technology is quickly transforming American sports into a showcase for athleticism and analysis.

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