Internet of Things

Samsung Aims at a Networked Home

Samsung appears to be gearing up for an Internet of Everything economy. Already a leading producer of smartphones and LED televisions, the consumer electronics giant is preparing to expand its reach into home appliances. Samsung’s CEO of Consumer Electronics Boo-Keun Yoon told Steven Bertoni of Forbes that his company is ready to push into a market worth $280 billion globally. With the U.S. housing market reaching solid ground, and China still building at a feverish pace, Samsung wants to equip the wave of new homes with dishwashers and ranges. Not only will it partner with specialists like celebrity chefs to give their products a design edge, the company aims to pack products with wireless tech that lets consumers interface seamlessly with their appliances. With everyday devices increasingly connected to the Web and networked by our smartphones, Samsung is making a bet that consumers will want to populate their lives with integrated, “like minded” appliances.

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