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Going the Distance: Tesla to Expand Network of Charging Stations

Tesla image via Shutterstock

Tesla image via Shutterstock

With an expanding network of fast-charging stations, the 10-year-old Tesla electric car will soon be able to traverse the United States.

This signals the next phase in Tesla Motors Inc.’s ability to appeal to a more geographically diverse market. “Tesla needs a broader network of charging stations to appeal to customers beyond California and the northeastern U.S., where it now has fueling spots. Without such stations, Tesla drivers are limited by the estimated 265-mile (426-kilometer) range of a battery charge,” Douglas MacMillan & Alan Ohnsman write in Bloomberg.

Nine stations now provide free electricity for Model S owners, and the company plans to build 100 new stations along U.S. and Canadian highways by 2015. This would allow Tesla drivers to drive cross-country with stops every 150 miles. What’s more, the charging stations are much faster than re-powering at home—30 minutes instead of close to eight hours.

Will this move position Tesla to lead the charge toward ubiquitous electric vehicles? It’s a good start.

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