Does Facebook Want to Make Us Closer or More Separate?


A thoughtful article at Wired.com by Evan Selinger asks the right questions about the TV ads for the new Facebook Home app for Android phones. How appropriate is the kind of self-absorbed distraction that the ads depict users of the software indulging in? Should we celebrate people who tune out those around them, opting instead for entertainment provided by their friends? While one ad shows a guy on a plane being greeted by a young relative, another depicts a young woman at a family dinner completely ignoring her relatives as she enjoys her friends’ snowball fight, a ballet performance, and a loud drummer. I for one am a partisan of this new software. I like Facebook Home as a concept and think the implementation is pretty interesting. I continue to believe that the net effect of Facebook is to bring people closer together rather than driving them apart. But it is a reasonable question why the company chose this kind of message for its first-ever TV ads.

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