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How to Head Off Tech’s Next Set of Unintended Consequences

As technology races ahead of society’s ability to absorb its impact at work, at home, and in world affairs, unintended consequences are becoming more ubiquitous than e-scooters. Given AI's transformational power and the global stakes, now is the time to assign responsibility for its thoughtful development and deployment.   More

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Diversity is Meaningless Without Inclusion

Diversity programs are a good start, but diversity hiring alone is meaningless without a commitment to include those voices in a substantial way.   More

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What’s the Purpose of Purpose?

A clear and compelling purpose can unlock your organization’s ability to sense and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.   More

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We Can’t Waste the Tech Crisis

Despite unprecedented growth, tech is in crisis. We gather the most thoughtful people from industry, government, and civil society who are working to move past the backlash with a renewed commitment to the greater good.   More

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New Ratings Bring Accountability to P2P Payment Services

Consumer Reports is introducing a new type of rating of P2P payment services that allows consumers to compare them based on how responsibly they handle user data.   More

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Investing to Train More Ethical Engineers

A group of tech leaders lead by the Omidyar Network and Craig Newmark will be awarding up to $3.5 million in prizes to creative efforts to integrate ethics into technical computer science education.   More

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At Techonomy: Superstars of Automation, Understanding it, and Controlling it

At our conference in November we’ll host the top authors on AI, major AI product creators, and some of the deepest thinkers on how AI and technology ought to be governed. And that 360 appraisal is just part of our program.   More

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Will Software Robots Make Your Job Less Boring?

Robotic Process Automation is a fast-growing software designed to relieve workers of repetitive tasks. Our partner, UiPath sees it as a key to corporate digital transformation.   More

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Esports and Live Culture: A Major New Movement

Livestreaming apps, like esports and HQ Trivia, are thriving thanks to advancements in technology. It is only the beginning.   More

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Canadian AI Needs More Commercial Successes

Toronto has been developing a base of world-class research since the 1980s and has become a hub for AI research over the past two years, but has been slow to effectively commercialize the effort.   More

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Audi Electric Sport Utility: Big Auto’s First Real Tesla Rival

The rollout of the electric sport utility offers a window into how car manufacturers with global scale will approach the electric market.   More

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Nir Erez: Tech Shouldn’t Be Limited to the Affluent

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Nir Erez, co-founder and CEO at Moovit, a public transit data and analytics company.   More

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AI Enters the Network

Ultimately the end game when AI comes into the network: It will be able to completely rebuild itself in a matter of minutes.   More

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Insurance Roadblocks Threaten to Limit Use of Genomic Tests

Resistance from insurance companies threatens to slow innovation that could dramatically improve patient outcomes from genomic testing.   More

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Catherine Steiner-Adair: Screens Hinder Emotional Intelligence

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Catherine Steiner-Adair, a research associate at Harvard Medical School.   More

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Robert Goldstein: Tech Can Even the Playing Field

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Robert Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer, BlackRock   More

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Neesha Hathi: Tech Needs the Basics

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Neesha Hathi, Chief Digital Officer, Charles Schwab   More


Biomedical Innovation Gaining Ground in Singapore

Twenty years of investment in biomedical infrastructure and innovation is starting to pay off for Singapore.   More

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Tony Prophet: The Business of Equality

Techonomy 2018 speakers answer critical questions in an ongoing series: Tony Prophet, chief equality officer at Salesforce.   More

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Who Should Attend Techonomy 2018?

Who should attend Techonomy? Anybody grappling with the impact of technology on their business and the wider world.   More