Business + Innovation
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Responsible AI is Good for Business, says Advocate Mutale Nkonde

Policy analyst says that AI companies can succeed, and the U.S. industry can lead, by making consent, fairness, and privacy selling points.

Vint Cerf’s Take on AI, The Metaverse, and Green Power

A "father of the internet," applies lessons from decades back to predict the arc of future tech developments.

Climate + Environment
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America’s first ​‘enhanced’ geothermal plant starts up

Next-generation geothermal could be a huge source of carbon-free power. A first-of-a-kind project from Google and Fervo Energy is a step in that direction.

Global Fisheries are Devastated by Government Subsidies

Big fleets backed by public money are removing fish from the world’s oceans at unsustainable rates. Can a new treaty help?

One Solution to Fight Climate Change? Fewer Parking Spaces

Less parking could pave the way for denser housing and more accessible public transportation.

Past Events
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Accelerate Health: Pioneering Solutions for a Healthier Society

On October 11th in Boston, Massachusetts, Accelerate Health will convene a group of health and life sciences innovators, payers, providers, pharmaceutical executives, and tech entrepreneurs for a day-long conversation about how technological advancements can accelerate...

Techonomy Climate NYC: Solutions That Scale

This in-person event in NYC focus on the business of fighting climate change bringing together climate experts, industry giants, entrepreneurs, and other leaders.

Worth Cities: Innovation and the Rising City

This June 2023 conference, held in Charleston, S.C., brought together investors, thought leaders, policymakers, elected officials, philanthropists, businesspeople and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas on the future of cities and facilitate tangible action.

Artificial Intelligence
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AI Could Make Humans Even Less Exceptional

As AI becomes more “intelligent,” humans will have to figure out what—if anything —makes our species unique, says Nicholas Dirks.

How AI Could Supercharge Spam and Deceptive Marketing

AI could be a dream come true for unethical marketers, as it makes spamming, misinformation, and hyper-targeted ads easier than ever before.

Creating the Ultimate Experience Using AI

Rather than replacing humans, AI will allow them to keep up with ever-increasing demands of technological development and sustainability.

Society + Culture
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AI’s Job Impact Could Depend on Race, Sex, Age

A new study from Indeed Hiring Lab suggests that generative AI’s effects in the workplace could vary, depending on an employee’s demographics.

Climate Change Has Toppled Some Civilizations But Not Others. Why?

The link between environmental disasters and societal collapse, explained.