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How the New Approach to Cybersecurity Can Create Trust

Watch the recap of our session with a top cybersecurity practitioner, a chief trust officer, and a leader of the new era of security automation discuss practical approaches to automation in light of cybersecurity threats.   More

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The Biden Administration Embraces “Democracy Affirming Technologies”

President Biden has called the defense of democracy “the defining challenge of our time.” With authoritarian governments doubling down on AI-enabled techniques for mass surveillance and social control,  putting out the call to citizen coders comes none too soon.   More

Business Innovation Media & Marketing

Media Production in a Post-Pandemic World

The dispersed creative workforce of the modern age faces a number of challenges. Three sophisticated companies–IBM, Adobe, and Lucidlink–have developed a seamless suite of tools for this newly-altered, fast-paced, post-pandemic world of remote collaboration.    More

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The Climate Victories of 2021 That Put Fossil Fuels In Check

From local activism to shareholder rebellions, here’s what climate advocates accomplished over the past year.   More

Cryptocurrency Finance

Is Robinhood Trying to Grow Up?

Robinhood has taken some steps to provide at least the appearance of a properly run company. ut the stock’s continued illness suggests that stronger medicine is necessary. Plus, the digital yuan preps for its closeup.   More

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Why Is Covid Testing So Hard to Scale?

With rapid tests failing to catch positive cases and PCR ones often taking a week or more to return results, diagnostic testing has been a disaster in the U.S. Why haven’t we ramped up to meet the challenges of Omicron?   More

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At CES 2022 Smaller Voices Made Bigger Noise

CES 2022 was a very different sort of show and that may have a big influence in how trade shows, especially this one, are designed in the future.   More

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Next Season’s Hottest Trend: An Agile Supply Chain

The fashion industry cannot continue as it has, argues Miao, CMO of Chinese-based fast-fashion giant Shein. Waste is huge. For example, 25% of raw materials are wasted, and many unsold garments are discarded. Now, for both sustainability and efficiency,  the industry must use tech to transform production and fulfillment.   More

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The Data Challenges Behind ESG Investment

The recent explosion of environmental, sustainable and governance investing has created a lot of opportunities for investors and financial institutions. But with no universally-accepted definition of ESG, how does anyone measure performance?   More

Business Energy & Green Tech Sustainable Development Goals

6 Ways To Move Your Company Toward Carbon Neutrality In 2022

Eliminating sources of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions at the corporate level is simply good business. Organizations can take several practical steps to ensure their place in a greener future.   More

Cryptocurrency Finance Policy

Fintech in 2022: CBDCs, Superapps, and Regulation

Regulation is coming, the West's superapp quest will continue, CBDCs are coming soon, and more fintech predictions for the year.   More

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The Elizabeth Holmes Trial Is an Indictment of US Health Care

What might have happened if taxpayers—rather than investors—had directly funded Theranos’s blood-prick research?   More

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Process Transformation: The bridge to the modern enterprise, digital experiences

Brands must do more than just keep up. They must better anticipate consumer needs and rethink the relationship between operations, people and technology.   More

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New IP-Based Lending Model Gains Momentum

One longtime patent attorney put it this way: “If data is the new oil, IP is the new gold."   More


Can Democracies Truly Ban Crypto?

A lot of countries would like to bury Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But can it realistically be done?   More

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'Tis the season to be jolly (if possible) and work from home yet again. So let your gift list reflect that! For loved ones still trapped by their screens, here’s Raskin's last-minute list of gifts to make working at home at least a better experience.   More

Business Cryptocurrency Finance

We Need Digital Money For the Global Economy to Thrive

I’m a payments innovator who has worked for a large global bank for nearly 20 years. Here's why I believe in stablecoins.   More

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Navigating Platforms and Technologies for a New Healthcare Era

Here’s what payers and providers should look for as they update their core platform strategies for the new normal in healthcare.   More

Arts & Culture Cryptocurrency

Art Basel Meets the NFT Cool Kids

NFTs continue their invasion of the art world, most recently at Art Basel. The rich, newly-rich, and JPEG-rich converged in proximity to Basquiat et al.   More

Business Cryptocurrency Finance

How Fintech Is Integrating Hyper-Personalization Into The Financial Sector

At the Health+Wealth of America Conference, Betterment’s Sarah Kirshbaum Levy joined Cognizant’s Kevin Pleiter and Clarim's Jim Ledbetter to explore fintech’s continued integration into financial services.   More