Why You Should Join Me at Techonomy NYC on May 17th



We are all trying to understand the impact that technology will have on our professional and personal lives.  We know that it will radically transform every industry and society will have to figure out how to adapt.

Techonomy NYC aims to explore innovative ideas and conversations at the highest level about the role of technology in social progress, as we advocate for greater understanding about the pace of change and what it means for everyone. To understand what’s happening because of tech, we need to discuss way more than the next iPhone or what’s happening in the tech industry. Thanks again in large part to technology, power is being broadly dispersed in society.

Techonomy NYC is a New York-style version of Techonomy’s longstanding retreat in California, where last fall Mark Zuckerberg famously spoke about fake news. Techonomy NYC will ignite invigorating discourse around ongoing challenges relating to what a government led by Trump means for technology; the future of work in an on-demand gig economy; the digital and social fight against terrorism; and tough-to-answer questions about decision making power in an AI world, among many other topics.




What you can expect at Techonomy NYC:

Techonomy programs a wide-ranging and probing conversation aimed so that you leave inspired and motivated to better leverage technology in your own work and life. Techonomy is not a tech conference per se, but a conference about the impact tech has on all of our lives, professionally and personally. Techonomy’s conferences about tech’s impact are absurdly ambitious. But that’s what makes them unique, useful, and fun.

Techonomy’ programs and content are aimed at today’s leaders, but Techonomy also believe that the definition of a leader is changing quickly.  Leaders are emerging at every level of society more rapidly and fluidly than ever before. Techonomy makes their programs accessible to a wide audience because it is impossible to know where leaders will emerge, and because the world increasingly recognizes that, for better or worse, we are all in this together.

This diverse and highly participatory event is a big-picture exploration of how we should be thinking about the opportunities and challenges that tech presents.

Speakers include Fred Wilson, CEO of Union Square Ventures; Karin Klein, Founding partner at VC firm Bloomberg Beta; Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp; Turner CEO John Martin; Miguel McKelvey, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of WeWork; Eli Pariser, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Upworthy; and General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz. A full list of speakers for Techonomy NYC can be found here.

Join confirmed participants that represent some of the world’s most innovative organizations, including: Accenture, AirMap, Bloomberg Beta, Bre & Co., Case, Celestica, Cengage Learning, City of New York -Mayor’s Office of Tech & Innovation, New York University, Duke, Econic, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Forbes, GE, General Assembly, GNS Healthcare, Hyundai Motor Group, IBM, Indiegogo, ICANN, Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase Institute, Kistler Investment, Microsoft, Mubadala Capital, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, Philips, Pitney Bowes, PUBLICIS GROUPE, Samsung, Sapient, Symantec, Tech:NYC, TED Conferences, The New York Public Library, Turner, United States Military Academy, Upworthy, Urban Animal Corporation, Vidlet, Visionary Leader Network, wework, and Wharton Property Advisors, to name a few.

I hope you’ll join me at Techonomy NYC!