Techonomy Speaker Submission

Thank you for your interest in nominating a speaker for consideration at Techonomy 2017.  While we welcome all speaker submissions and out-of-the-box ideas, please make sure that your recommendation relates to our programming. Updated information can be viewed here.

Please provide the following information for each speaker being nominated:

  • Speaker Name, Title, & Company
  • Speaker Email Address and phone number
  • Link to Speaker Bio
  • Video Links to the speaker’s previous talks and/or presentations
  • A short paragraph on why you’d like to speak at one of our conferences, the topic you are proposing, and how you think it fits in with our editorial focus.

Please note:  If you are submitting on behalf of a client, please check their calendar prior to submitting a speaker for consideration. In addition, please be aware that for Techonomy 2017 our expectation is that all conference participants, including speakers, pay the registration fee.

We apologize that due to the volume of speaker submissions, our program team cannot respond to all requests.