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Penny Pritzker

Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

As the 38th U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker is a key member of President Obama’s economic team, with 27 years of private sector experience. Before joining the Obama Administration, Penny founded and ran five different businesses in the real estate, hospitality, senior living, and financial services industries.

Since taking office in June 2013, she has worked closely with the business community and helped advance the President’s priorities of expanding growth and opportunity for all Americans. Guided by conversations with more than 1,600 CEOs and business leaders, and over one-third of the Fortune 500 CEOs, Penny has developed the “Open for Business Agenda.” This bold strategic plan and policy blueprint for the Commerce Department focuses on expanding trade and investment, unleashing government data for economic benefit, spurring innovation, protecting the environment—and executing these priorities with operational excellence as careful stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Penny earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University and J.D. and MBA degrees from Stanford University.