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Lynn O’Connor Vos

Chief Executive Officer, Grey Healthcare Group (ghg)

Lynn O’Connor Vos is the CEO of Grey Healthcare Group (ghg), a growing health communications firm owned by WPP. An industry veteran widely credited with helping transform the marketing of pharmaceuticals, she is the first woman to develop and run a global health communications enterprise.

A ‘healthy disruptor’ known for playing the evangelist role, Vos’ seminal speech at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association called on her big Pharma clients to face up to eroding trust and rebuild their reputation among consumers. Today, Vos is pointing the industry ‘back to basics’ — arguing that communication is the cure for people to make better decisions, adopt positive behaviors, and live healthier lives. She contends that three trends — dramatic technological innovation, the mass consumerization of health, and the growing power of women over the $6.5 trillion health care market — have created a moment ripe for change; with the right leadership, she argues, “we can transform our system from one that treats illness to one that finally succeeds at preventing it.”

A champion of using digital capabilities to improve the public health, Vos’ agency was the first healthcare agency to partner and develop prototypes to apply IBM Watson’s cognitive computing to healthcare companies and their consumers. Medical Marketing & Media called her decision to join the data company’s ‘healthcare moonshot’ an example of Vos’ longstanding “appetite for innovation.” Recently, she led the inaugural STREAM health (un) conference, put on by WPP, where healthcare, technology, digital communications, start ups and major life science companies openly shared ideas about healthcare transformation.

In addition, with Lynn’s leadership, the agency is bringing financial support to patients at the point-of-care. She continues to build out her company’s platform, recently investing in OptimizeRX, a leading healthcare communications services company, intended to support doctors as they navigate new challenges in healthcare management. In addition, the agency partnered with PARx to bring financial support to patients at the point-of-care.

Currently, she is advising top clients to help prepare consumers, especially the women she calls America’s new ‘Chief Health Officers’ to be effective, even revolutionary, healthcare advocates. Together with her team, previous innovations include Text4baby — the country’s top mobile health program.

Vos currently serves on the board of nTelos Wireless (NASDAQ: NTLS), the Jed Foundation, a leading nonprofit dedicated to protecting the emotional health of college students, and was a founding board member of MMRF, a pioneering cancer research foundation. A former recipient of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s Woman of the Year award, Vos is a member of Women Leading Healthcare, and The Task Force for Talent Innovation. She is a frequent speaker on healthcare innovation and industry issues.