Josh Reynolds

Head of Marketing, Quantifind

Josh was originally trained as a criminal prosecutor and began his technology career as a Gartner analyst. He applies evidentiary discipline and mythic storytelling to marketing, and was the first to transpose Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” into a “Viral Storytelling” marketing model in the 1990s. This and other advances earned him a Top 25 Innovator award from The Holmes Report in 2014.

Josh has worked with C-suite executives at companies such as Deloitte, Dolby, Facebook, HootSuite, Jabil, LinkedIn, Oracle and Yahoo!. In addition to his work with Quantifind, he also serves on the advisory boards of startups including AirGrub, Artivest, and designSHIFT, as well as Blanc & Otus, where he was CEO for two years.

Josh holds degrees in English and History from UCLA, a minor in theology from Oxford, and a law degree from UC Hastings. He’s a frequent author and speaker on the topics of marketing innovation and human intuition.