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Gabe Blanchet

Co-founder and CEO, Grove Labs

Gabe Blanchet is co-founder and CEO of Grove Labs, a company that builds furniture (called Groves) that grow healthy, fresh food from your kitchen or living room. Using an aquaponic ecosystem paired with a mobile app, people have easy access to sustainable, hyperlocal produce year round. Gabe co-founded Grove Labs with his MIT roommate and best friend Jamie Byron and together, in just over a year, they have raised over $2 million in seed funding and are preparing to launch their Early Adopter Product and Program in Boston this winter before widening distribution. Gabe earned an S.B. in mechanical engineering from MIT this past June, where he worked on research projects at both the MIT Media Lab and the astronautics department (including working on a control system for lunar rovers). Before co-founding Grove Labs, Gabe spent a year away from MIT to join GrabCAD. During his time with the GrabCAD team, the company raised over $13 million in VC funding and grew from six employees to over 30. Most recently, Gabe was selected to take part in the Kairos Summit as a K50 fellow.