Brett Hurt

Founder and Vice Chairman, Bazaarvoice
Founder, Coremetrics

Brett Hurt is a seed-stage investor at Hurt Family Investments (HFI) in part-nership with his wife, Debra. HFI are in 37 startups, mostly in Austin, and seven VC funds. Prior to HFI, Brett founded Bazaarvoice (NASDAQ: BV) and served as CEO and president for seven and a half years, leading the com-pany from bootstrapped concept to IPO, with 800 people and 2,000 clients worldwide. Brett also founded and led Coremetrics, helping grow the compa-ny into a global, leading marketing analytics solution for the digital retail in-dustry before its acquisition by IBM.

Brett holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a BBA in management in-formation systems from the University of Texas at Austin. He serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Wharton School. He established the Ba-zaarvoice Foundation and received the Austin Entrepreneurs Foundation’s Community Leadership Award in 2012.

To help support Austin’s entrepreneurs, Brett serves as a mentor at Capital Factory and TechStars Austin and blogs at Lucky7.io.