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Shanghai Street View: Garbage Disposal

(Image via Shutterstock)

What started as local news of hundreds of dead pigs found floating in Shanghai's Huangpu River has suddenly morphed into a major story, captivating global audiences with its graphic images and air of mystery about where the corpses came from. The news has now traveled to much of the world, including the U.S. city of Denver, prompting even my brother to take notice and send me an email warning not to drink the Shanghai tap water.   More


Has the Sharing Economy Already Left Zipcar Behind?


Zipcar was a harbinger of the new sharing economy, but according to Arun Sundararajan of The Harvard Business Review, because the company has to maintain a fleet of vehicles, its business model is really no different from an old-fashioned rental car company. Sundararajan points to two upstarts, RelayRides and GetAround, that mobilize a true peer-to-peer marketplace, with fleets of cars owned and operated (and parked) by a community of users. Their reputation-based approach can be traced to Airbnb and other resource-pooling companies like SnapGoods and TaskRabbit.   More


The Techonomy Spring 2013 Report

Techonomy is pleased to announce the publication of its Spring 2013 Report, a full-color 60-page booklet that surveys our activities over the last year, and points to our plans for 2013. The book includes transcripts from our conferences in Detroit and Tucson, original articles by journalists and industry leaders, and a look at our online publishing. With this publication, we affirm our belief that print is not dead. But we've also made the contents available digitally. For a link to the flipbook and PDF download, click on the "more" button.   More


The Industrial Internet Will Rewrite the Rules of Business

(Source: General Electric)

The world is on the threshold of the next frontier of innovation with the rise of the Industrial Internet. Brilliant machines are converging with the power of advanced analytics, low-cost sensing and new levels of Internet connectivity. The next decade will bring a software and services-driven movement that will be nothing short of breathtaking: analytics that learn from experience and constantly improve machine intelligence that blends digital output and human insight to deliver better outcomes. It will help eliminate waste across every major industry.   More


Google Unveils Voice Recognition With Silent Film Demo

As part of the roll-out for its newly developed voice-recognition tool, Google has unveiled a nifty little feature that allows users to add subtitles to silent film clips. Open in Chrome (it won't work in other browsers) and play around with it, with that caveat that the functionality is still a work in progress. Users have to verbalize punctuation, and proper nouns can yield comical results akin to texting auto-fill gaffes. Google's voice recognition is an important step toward making our computers actually listen to us when we scream at them. Speech control is also likely to be integrated into Google Glass, so you can now look forward to talking to your eyewear.   More

Techonomy 12 Business Startup Culture Techonomy Events Video


In this talk, Bertil Chappuis, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, explores how cloud technology is helping to boost entrepreneurship. Read the full transcript below. Kirkpatrick: So now I’m going to bring up Bertil Chappuis from McKinsey who’s talking about some very interesting issues surrounding cloud and how to think about that. McKinsey is going […]   More

Business Startup Culture

Welcome to Little Big Inc.

On’s three founders (from left) David Allemann, Caspar Coppetti and Olivier Bernhard. (Photo: Braschler/Fischer)

You’ve got a great idea. You’ve assembled a team of four or five people, all enthusiastic, all raring to go. That’s it. You’re ready to take on the giants. This is not the familiar story of online start-ups and one-app wonders, where the business model is a quick sell-out to Facebook, Google, or Apple. Instead it’s the story of companies like Jimdo, a small German business that makes it easy to build and run websites—whether you want to run a blog, create a personal site to show off your fly-fishing prowess, or create an online presence for your small business. Jimdo started as the side project of an online marketing team that didn’t like the software available at the time to build websites. So they built their own easy-to-use, browser-based tools.   More

Techonomy 12 Business Global Tech Jobs Techonomy Events Video

Can the U.S. Stay Competitive?

Slow trains; second class cell service; inferior infrastructure; third-tallest buildings; fourth-rate education; 34th in infant mortality. What are we still best at? As innovation flourishes around the world, can the U.S. stay strong? How? This session seeks some answers. Read the full transcript below. Kirkpatrick: Could the next panel come up? I want to introduce […]   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

180° Shift: The Role of Tech in a Shifting Electoral Map

Dan Bartlett, President and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, speaks at Techonomy 2012 in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

Social Is an Enterprise Feature

Hugo Sarrazin, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, discusses the emerging role of social media in business at Techonomy 2012 in Tucson, Ariz.   More


Will Effective Gun Control Come from The Hill or The Valley?

While Washington legislators try to figure out how to enact policy to reduce the growing number of mass shootings, technologists are looking for alternative solutions. A group of investors led by Ron Conway has formed the Technical Committee to Reduce Gun Violence, aimed at applying technology to reduce gun violence. "Smart guns" that can only be fired by their owners could be one option. While the concept makes sense, its reliability has been questioned.   More

Detroit 12 Manufacturing Video

Manufacturing’s Future and the Impact on Jobs

Daniel Howes, associate business editor of The Detroit News, moderates this session from Techonomy Detroit about how the technologization of manufacturing can create new jobs instead of killing them. Speakers include Amar Hanspal of Autodesk, PARC CEO Stephen Hoover, and Lou Rassey of McKinsey & Company.   More

Detroit 12 Cities Video

Why I Believe in Detroit

Four Detroiters share perspectives on life and work in their city, and where Detroit may be in 10 years. Full transcript below. Riley: How are you doing? I don’t know if you know this about Detroit, but if somebody asks how you’re doing or they ask how your mama is, you have to be a […]   More

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The Real Key to Innovation: A Great Place to Work

The sandwich bar at Google's Mountain View headquarters (Photo by Andy Kuno)

In the echo chamber of discussion since Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ordered her employees to end telecommuting and move back into the office, there’s been a general consensus that telecommuting may make employees happier, but it’s not always good for the company or—especially—innovation at a company.   More


Can Games Make Students Better Congresspeople Than the Originals?


Maybe in 10 years we'll have a Congress that works. At least McGraw-Hill is doing its part to push in that direction. Earlier this week, McGraw-Hill Education entered the higher education gaming market with the launch of McGraw-Hill Practice, a line of 3D, multiplayer experiential-learning games that includes Government in Action. The role-playing game Government in Action asks students to assume the role of a U.S. congressperson and compete with classmates for political capital, while working to get re-elected every two years. The game aims to help students understand Congress, which may or may not deter them from ever wanting to be a Congressperson, given today's atmosphere in Washington.   More

Techonomy 12 Global Tech Techonomy Events Video

Africa: The Final Frontier

With over a billion people, 12 million square miles and seven out of ten of the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa is poised for paradigm-shifting growth. Mobile technology has become the continent’s top economic force, laying the groundwork for economic opportunity and connectivity. The people are ready. Is the world? Bhaskar Chakravorti of Tufts University, Alitheia Capital's 'Tokunboh Ishmael, CP-Africa's Nmachi Jidenma, Gary Rieschel of Qiming Venture Partners, and Visa's Hannes van Rensburg discuss at Techonomy 2012. The session is moderated by James Manyika of McKinsey & Company.   More

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Alibaba Dresses Up With New CEO

The Internet world is buzzing this week with word that Alibaba founder Jack Ma will hand over his CEO title to another company executive, ushering in a new generation of leadership for China's leading e-commerce firm. But this change looks largely superficial to me, and is most likely designed to please investors as the company gets set for its multibillion-dollar IPO that could happen later this year. Instead of chief executive officer, the title of chief administrative officer would probably be more appropriate for the role that Alibaba's incoming number-two man Jonathan Lu will play.   More

Learning Startup Culture

How Improv Acting Makes Better Technologists

Students in Brenda Harger's improv class at CMU's Entertainment Technology Center (Photo: Chris Klug)

At Carnegie Mellon University, software engineers and future technologists are taking improvisational acting classes to help them get good jobs in the entertainment technology industry. The rules of improv are simple, but strict: be fun to play with; serve the narrative—no matter what is said, think "Yes, and..."; and make your partner look good. These principles may apply equally for collaborative teams.   More

Techonomy 12 Government Techonomy Events Video

180° Shift: E-Learning and International Justice

Tse: Hi. I think that we often think of torture as being something that’s done by rogue states or political torture. And we often feel helpless because we think that there is very precious little that we can do about it. And I also used to feel this way, until one day I walked into […]   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

The Facebook Effect, Continued

One company has captivated the world’s attention in 2012, for better or ill. With all the attention on its stock, many lose sight of the central role Facebook plays in social and economic life worldwide. Its progress is often critiqued by Americans, but what matters more for the company is how it does in countries like Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia, where its dominance is even greater. David Fischer and Sam W. Lessin of Facebook talk with Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick about their company's vision and plans in this final session of the Techonomy 2012 conference in Tucson, Ariz.   More