Detroit 13 Manufacturing Video

A New Age of Manufacturing

Zachary Karabell of River Twice Research interviews Rethink Robotics founder Rodney Brooks about the evolution of manufacturing in a technologized economy. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Manufacturing Video

Can the Maker Movement Re-Make America?

Matt Clayson of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, Etsy's Chad Dickerson, Ford's K. Venkatesh Prasad, and Marleen Vogelaar of Shapeways join McKinsey's Lou Rassey to discuss the impact of the maker movement on the U.S. economy. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Video

The New People Rules in a Virtual World

Keith Ferrazzi of Ferrazzi Greenlight Productions discusses the new era and new rules of networking. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Startup Culture Video

Everybody’s Starting Something

Jocelyn Benson of Wayne State University, Josh Linkner of Detroit Venture Partners, and Venture for America's Andrew Yang join Tom Walsh to discuss the new wave of startup culture. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Cities Video

What Makes a City Great?

Patrick Finn of McKinsey & Company discusses the latest studies about what makes a city work. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Government Video

Keeping the U.S. Competitive in a Hyper-Connected World

Nilmini Rubin, senior advisor for global economic competitiveness to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, joins Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick at Techonomy Detroit to discuss how the U.S. can compete in a networked world. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Video

The Push for the Prize

Jean Case of The Case Foundation joins Jeff Green of Bloomberg News to discuss how prizes incentivize creativity and innovation. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Jobs Video

Where Are the Jobs?

Nolan Finley of The Detroit News, Felix Ortiz of Viridis Learning, the University of Michigan's Joel Tauber, and Dow's Carol Williams join Susan Lund of the McKinsey Global Institute to discuss job creation. Watch video and read the full transcript here.   More

Detroit 13 Internet of Things Video

Business and the Economy in an Internet + Everything World

Amit Kumar of Bitponics, Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute, Cisco's Vishakha Radia, and Greg Ross of General Motors join Bloomberg's Emily Chang to discuss how the Internet of Everything is changing everything. Watch video and read the complete transcript here.   More

Cities Government

Next Step To a Techonomic Detroit? The Wrecking Ball

"City Re-Vision: Towards a Techonomic Detroit" panel with Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans and Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution, and moderated by Edward Luce. Photo via Asa Mathat.

Demolition isn’t exactly a techonomic concept, but clearing Detroit of tens of thousands of burned-out houses and crumbling factories is a crucial next-step in urban renewal here, according to Dan Gilbert. In fact, he’d like to see a digital billboard count down the progress to the last razed building. Efforts to improve education, support entrepreneurship, and boost Detroit's cultural hub won’t mean much to locals until the blight is cleared, Gilbert argued. “If we get these structures down, all of them, we’ll be amazed at how quickly this land gets redeveloped," he said.   More

Business Techonomy Events

Techonomy Detroit 2013 Webcast

We just wrapped up Techonomy Detroit 2013, but you can watch the entire conference, start-to-finish, right here. Techonomy Detroit is a series of conversations and workshops we began last year at our first Detroit conference. Our urgent theme is the role of technology and innovation in boosting American economic growth, job creation, and urban revival. The all-day Techonomy Detroit focuses on issues that form the foundation of the urban century, with technology at the core of the conversation. We see it as the central source of both disruption and opportunity. Join our live webcast of Techonomy Detroit, Tuesday, Sept. 17, from 8:30am through 5:45pm.   More


To Revive Detroit, Revive Its Core

Downtown Detroit image (Image via Neil Fitzpatrick)

It may seem early to talk about Detroit’s rebound, with the city’s recent bankruptcy filing on July 18th, but the fact is this city is ripe for renewal. Its much-needed fiscal reset provides an opportunity to return to a real growth strategy, one that can serve as an example of how to bring any city back from the brink. This renewal is already blossoming in Detroit’s core—a 4.3 square mile section of the city that bridges Downtown and Midtown, encompassing just 3.1 percent of the city’s landmass, but with 36 percent of its jobs. In this core, employment grew by over 4 percent between 2009 and 2011, while the city as a whole saw jobs decrease nearly 6 percent.   More


With Philanthropy and Business the Coaches, Motor City Aims to Play Again

Jean&SteveCase-006 retouched

In our many conversations about how to ensure that the United States retains its standing as the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial nation, we have often looked to Detroit as a cautionary tale. In the 1950s, Detroit was like today’s Silicon Valley—a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, booming with high-growth companies, and the heart of American innovation. But then Detroit lost its way. The epicenter of Detroit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem—the auto industry—went into decline. As a result, Detroit lost more than half of its population, and recently filed for bankruptcy. It lost its entrepreneurial mojo and became risk-adverse. And as its economy sputtered, its community struggled. Can Detroit get that mojo back, and rise again? We think the answer is yes.   More

Energy & Green Tech Manufacturing

Remaking Detroit Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Car Guy’s View


As a consumer, it is easy to take for granted the innovation needed to create automobiles that are more appealing, leave a smaller environmental footprint, and are manufactured more efficiently. But for industry insiders immersed in the operations of delivering products, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees. By a quirk of fate, having moved from the Silicon Valley to work in Dearborn 17 years ago, I wear a lens of both an outsider and an insider that offers me a unique vantage point on the remaking of Detroit: I can see how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   More

Startup Culture

Detroit’s Doodle Home: A Platform for All Things Design

Doodle Home office space in downtown Detroit.

After taking a break from her interior design career to raise a family, Jennifer Gilbert says she wanted to “get creative” again. But she quickly realized how interior design and luxury home furnishings had stagnated during her years away. She saw the inefficient, fragmented industries as being ripe for change. “I figured if someone was going to change it, why not me?” she says. Having witnessed what her husband, Quicken Loans founder and chairman Dan Gilbert, had done to bring the mortgage business online, she resolved to bring the same efficiencies to her profession.   More

Business Partner Insights

Five Game-Changers To Reignite U.S. Growth

The US economy is struggling to find a new formula for vigorous growth. But all growth opportunities are not created equal. New McKinsey research pinpoints five catalysts—in energy, trade, technology, infrastructure, and talent development—that can quickly create jobs and deliver a substantial boost to GDP by 2020. An animated video below also runs the numbers on these game changers and frames the challenge for business and government to make the most of the opportunity.   More


Can 3D Printing Revive America’s Middle Class?

Shapeways Shop Owner Stijn van der Linden of Virtox designs holds the popular selling Gyro Cube.

3D printing has been posited as the catalyst of the next industrial revolution. To make a difference to America’s middle class, whose median annual household income has dropped by more than $4,000 since 2000, the technology will have to bring about an economy as bustling as the first industrial revolution. Fewer than one-third of Americans believe economic conditions will improve next year. Could 3D printing turn things around?   More

Cities Startup Culture

Navigating Detroit: A VFA Fellow Discovers Ideas, Energy, Opportunity


Kathy Cheng is used to walkable cities. She grew up near New York and went to college in Cambridge, Mass. Now she finds herself driving in the Motor City, as a Venture for America (VFA) fellow working at a startup in downtown Detroit. Cheng talked to Techonomy about the VFA program, adapting to Detroit, and helping the city thrive.   More

Startup Culture

Putting Young Tech Minds and Friendly Faces on Debt Collection

From left, HealPay's Erick Bzovi, Lance Carlson, and Hakki Tomanbay

After Detroit’s bankruptcy filing, there might not be a more apropos startup in Michigan than HealPay, an Ann Arbor company that offers a suite of cloud-based apps that enable online payment processing for various sectors. As HealPay co-founder Erick Bzovi says, debt collection “is a dirty world and the technology sucks.” The solutions he and cofounder Lance Carlson have developed streamline collections and provide electronic options that they say improve chances of collecting receivables.   More

Cities Learning Startup Culture

With Help from Etsy, a Small-City Mayor Brings the Maker Movement to the Classroom

Larry Morrissey was 35 and had never held a political office when he ran a successful campaign as an independent candidate to become mayor of Rockford, Ill., in 2005. Now in his third term, Morrissey is determined to bring the city where he grew up back from years of economic decline. Among efforts to bolster local business and the city’s faltering education system, he recently teamed up with the online marketplace Etsy to create a pilot program for entrepreneurship education. He says it’s a link to an era when entrepreneurship was a way of life, not something learned in grad school.   More