Detroit 12 Manufacturing Video

Manufacturing’s Future and the Impact on Jobs

Daniel Howes, associate business editor of The Detroit News, moderates this session from Techonomy Detroit about how the technologization of manufacturing can create new jobs instead of killing them. Speakers include Amar Hanspal of Autodesk, PARC CEO Stephen Hoover, and Lou Rassey of McKinsey & Company.   More

Detroit 12 Cities Video

Why I Believe in Detroit

Four Detroiters share perspectives on life and work in their city, and where Detroit may be in 10 years. Full transcript below. Riley: How are you doing? I don’t know if you know this about Detroit, but if somebody asks how you’re doing or they ask how your mama is, you have to be a […]   More

Jobs Opinion

The Real Key to Innovation: A Great Place to Work

The sandwich bar at Google's Mountain View headquarters (Photo by Andy Kuno)

In the echo chamber of discussion since Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ordered her employees to end telecommuting and move back into the office, there’s been a general consensus that telecommuting may make employees happier, but it’s not always good for the company or—especially—innovation at a company.   More


Can Games Make Students Better Congresspeople Than the Originals?


Maybe in 10 years we'll have a Congress that works. At least McGraw-Hill is doing its part to push in that direction. Earlier this week, McGraw-Hill Education entered the higher education gaming market with the launch of McGraw-Hill Practice, a line of 3D, multiplayer experiential-learning games that includes Government in Action. The role-playing game Government in Action asks students to assume the role of a U.S. congressperson and compete with classmates for political capital, while working to get re-elected every two years. The game aims to help students understand Congress, which may or may not deter them from ever wanting to be a Congressperson, given today's atmosphere in Washington.   More

Techonomy 12 Global Tech Techonomy Events Video

Africa: The Final Frontier

With over a billion people, 12 million square miles and seven out of ten of the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa is poised for paradigm-shifting growth. Mobile technology has become the continent’s top economic force, laying the groundwork for economic opportunity and connectivity. The people are ready. Is the world? Bhaskar Chakravorti of Tufts University, Alitheia Capital's 'Tokunboh Ishmael, CP-Africa's Nmachi Jidenma, Gary Rieschel of Qiming Venture Partners, and Visa's Hannes van Rensburg discuss at Techonomy 2012. The session is moderated by James Manyika of McKinsey & Company.   More

Business Opinion

Alibaba Dresses Up With New CEO

The Internet world is buzzing this week with word that Alibaba founder Jack Ma will hand over his CEO title to another company executive, ushering in a new generation of leadership for China's leading e-commerce firm. But this change looks largely superficial to me, and is most likely designed to please investors as the company gets set for its multibillion-dollar IPO that could happen later this year. Instead of chief executive officer, the title of chief administrative officer would probably be more appropriate for the role that Alibaba's incoming number-two man Jonathan Lu will play.   More

Learning Startup Culture

How Improv Acting Makes Better Technologists

Students in Brenda Harger's improv class at CMU's Entertainment Technology Center (Photo: Chris Klug)

At Carnegie Mellon University, software engineers and future technologists are taking improvisational acting classes to help them get good jobs in the entertainment technology industry. The rules of improv are simple, but strict: be fun to play with; serve the narrative—no matter what is said, think "Yes, and..."; and make your partner look good. These principles may apply equally for collaborative teams.   More

Techonomy 12 Government Techonomy Events Video

180° Shift: E-Learning and International Justice

Tse: Hi. I think that we often think of torture as being something that’s done by rogue states or political torture. And we often feel helpless because we think that there is very precious little that we can do about it. And I also used to feel this way, until one day I walked into […]   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

The Facebook Effect, Continued

One company has captivated the world’s attention in 2012, for better or ill. With all the attention on its stock, many lose sight of the central role Facebook plays in social and economic life worldwide. Its progress is often critiqued by Americans, but what matters more for the company is how it does in countries like Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia, where its dominance is even greater. David Fischer and Sam W. Lessin of Facebook talk with Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick about their company's vision and plans in this final session of the Techonomy 2012 conference in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

Gordon Bell: The Uploaded Life

Gordon Bell, principal researcher at the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Laboratory, talks with Techonomy founder David Kirkpatrick at Techonomy 2012 about his work on "lifelogging."   More

Techonomy 12 Business Techonomy Events Video

America’s Economic Opportunity in a World of Services

Technology and networks are lowering barriers to markets worldwide, and the U.S. has a growing jobs problem. As global growth shifts towards developing countries and cities, how can we most benefit? We could be on the threshold of a new era of data-driven progress, but we need a new focus on exports, especially for services, which accounts for the lion’s share of the American economy. What skills does the U.S. need to develop? Can small and medium-sized companies take advantage of expanding access and transparency in the global marketplace? What incentives and policies will enable these global opportunities? Michael D. Capellas of the Virtual Computing Environment Company, Bradford Jensen of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, and Miriam Sapiro of the Office of the USTR gather at Techonomy 2012 to discuss. Zoë Baird of the Markle Foundation moderates the session.   More

Techonomy 12 Energy & Green Tech Techonomy Events Video

The SunSaluter: One Year On

Eden Full studied for two years at Princeton University and is currently taking gap years to work full time on her startup, Roseicollis Technologies, after being selected for the inaugural class of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship. Full, who was named Ashoka’s Youth Social Entrepreneur of the Year at the Techonomy conference in 2011, founded Roseicollis to take her solar panel tracking invention, called the SunSaluter, to developing communities and established markets that need them. Here she speaks at the Techonomy 2012 conference in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

Companies Confront the Madness of Crowds

Technology evolves quickly and employees and customers migrate to the new, even while companies stay attached to “legacy” systems. As the digitized crowd gets more capabilities, how do companies react to communities both inside and outside their walls? The speakers on this Techonomy 2012 session are SoundCloud's Alex Ljung, Rob Tarkoff of Lithium Technologies, and Cisco's Padmasree Warrior. Hugo Sarrazin of McKinsey & Company moderates.   More

Techonomy 12 E-Commerce Techonomy Events Video

Shopping Outside the Box: Data and Dollars

Mobile, responsive, and proactive—how will data and new ways to spend money transform commerce and retail? PayPal's James Barrese, Dan Schulman of American Express, Walmart's Gibu Thomas, and Erick Schonfeld of DEMO gather at Techonomy 2012 in Tucson, Ariz., to discuss.   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

EMC’s Joe Tucci

Joseph Tucci, Chairman and CEO of EMC, talks with Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick at Techonomy 2012 in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 Energy & Green Tech Techonomy Events Video

Geo-Engineering: Who Decides, and Who Benefits?

Without tech and science, we cannot create a thermostat for the planet. What are the risks, the opportunities, and the socioeconomic and political implications of the rapidly- evolving science of geo-engineering? Who will decide whether and how we alter our atmosphere? Harvard University's David Keith, Andrew Parker of the Harvard Kennedy School, and Jeff Goodell of Rolling Stone explore some these questions in a session at Techonomy 2012.   More

Techonomy 12 Techonomy Events Video

Where’s My Robot?

Your children may prefer their company, you may “hire” robotic workers, they may do our dirty work, and one may care for you in your old age. The future for robots seems boundless. Is there a limit to the invasion? Rodney Brooks of Rethink Robotics, MIT's Andrew McAfee, and John Markoff of The New York Times take a closer look at the present and future of robotics at the Techonomy 2012 conference in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 Global Tech Techonomy Events Video

Making Sense of a Changing China

As China’s influence expands, how will it influence global innovation? Robert D. Hormats of the U.S. Department of State, Zachary Karabell of River Twice Research, and Gary Rieschel of Qiming Venture Partners discuss the role of China in a technologized age at the Techonomy 2012 conference in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 Bio & Life Sciences Techonomy Events Video

180° Shift: Geek-Powered Cancer Research

David Haussler, Director of the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering at UC Santa Cruz, speaks about cancer research at Techonomy 2012 in Tucson, Ariz.   More

Techonomy 12 E-Commerce Techonomy Events Video

Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy

Arun Sundararajan, professor and NEC Faculty Fellow at New York University’s Stern School of Business, speaks at Techonomy 2012 in Tucson, Ariz.   More