Executive Assistant and Partnership Coordinator

In this role, your work will be essential to the success of Techonomy’s growing business.  Working with the Chief Strategy Officer, you will collaborate with the entire team and be engaged in internal and external discussions regarding Techonomy events, marketing, publishing, and partnerships.

The ideal candidate will be a motivated self-starter and be able to assist in managing existing relationships, as well as researching new potential opportunities and partnerships.  The ability to multi-task and prioritize based on business needs is a necessity.  Experience with digital content publishing and/or social media marketing desired, but not required.

This is a great opportunity to be an integral part of a growing team with room for advancement.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage external communication with partners and sponsors.
  • Coordinate schedules, prioritizing internal and external appointments.
  • Responsible for all business travel planning and arrangements, both domestic and international.
  • Research potential partners and prepare materials for meetings and presentations.
  • Prepare reports and other documentation.
  • Support sales by utilizing, organizing email campaigns, developing and executing lead generation plans, etc.

Job location: New York, NY

Interested in applying?  Send resume and salary requirements to

At Techonomy, we believe technology is indispensable for business and social progress. We host conferences, create media, and otherwise work to understand and explain the impact of all sorts of technology.  For all of us, as leaders or as individuals, it’s urgent to embrace the rapid pace of change brought by technology. That’s how we’ll solve our problems, and also how we’ll find ways to achieve results we never thought possible. Every major issue going forward will be affected by how it intersects with tech innovation.  Techonomy’s invite-only 2014 flagship conference is Nov. 10-12 at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, CA and our 2014 Detroit event will take place at Wayne State University on September 16. For more, visit


Content and Community Intern

This is a full-time paid internship for the summer of 2014, with possibility for growth into a long-term position. You will report directly to Techonomy’s Director of Content and Community. In this role, your work will be essential to the successful development and implementation of Techonomy’s content strategy and the enhancement of our growing online community.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Format and post articles in the CMS.
  • Source photography for editorial posts.
  • Distribute editorial content via social media.
  • Track website and social media analytics.
  • Research “techonomic” news and trends.
  • Curate and format bi-weekly Techonomy newsletter.
  • Write short descriptions for aggregated content.

The ideal candidate will be a motivated self-starter, able to assist in managing existing workflow and offer feedback to create new efficiencies. The ability to multi-task and prioritize based on business needs is a necessity. Experience with digital content publishing and/or social media marketing is strongly preferred.

Here’s what 2012 summer intern Tiffany Huang (New York University ’13) had to say about her experience at Techonomy:

Of the six internships I’ve had during college, my summer internship at Techonomy has been hands down the most valuable and instrumental in shaping my personal interests and career development.

Working with just 6 other people, I got to experience the “start-up” life where I was able to wear many hats and take full ownership of projects. I remember for my first assignment, I wrote an article on the Socialcam app for that ended up attracting hundreds of hits and social media shares in just a few days. How cool is that? Other projects I worked on included interviewing and profiling CEOs of startups, streamlining a content management system for Techonomy’s editorial contributors, overseeing Techonomy’s social media strategy, and researching event opportunities in China. I also had a few geek-out moments when I first met and worked with our CEO, David Kirkpatrick, and when Erick Schonfeld walked into the office as I have been a longtime fan of their work.

At Techonomy, I never felt like I was just an “intern.” From day one, I worked closely with everyone and had the freedom to execute any ideas I had that I thought would make things work more efficiently—freedom that you don’t typically get working for a larger corporation. Throughout my internship, I quickly learned to be inquisitive and bold and take risks.

This is not the an internship where interns are expected to go on coffee runs or just do administrative work—at Techonomy, you actually get to learn the ins and outs of the business by being immersed in every aspect of it. An internship at Techonomy is a must for anyone who is interested in the technology and media industries and it will surely open many doors!

Tiffany Lin (University of Wisonsin ’14) on her 2013 summer internship:

Throughout my internship, I was given free rein to express and contribute ideas regarding Techonomy’s website content and social media marketing strategy—freedom an intern rarely comes across. I perpetually had work entrusted to me, and I felt like I belonged to the team; not only did I learn how to use social media management applications and analytical programs like Socialflow and Google Analytics, but when my supervisor went on vacation, I was chosen to fill his shoes. At Techonomy, I felt that my input was always valued and that I was actively contributing to the team’s goals. The trust Techonomy puts in its interns is truly monumental. I could not have asked for a better internship opportunity at an intelligent media company embracing the future of the intersection of technology and the economy.